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Hi, my name’s CJ Walley. I’m a credited working writer-producer and author of the free Turn & Burn Screenwriting Guide. I believe artists shouldn’t have to pay for exposure and scripts need time to be discovered by the right people. I know this to be true because that’s how I broke into the industry from outside Hollywood and outside America. I built this site with my own two hands so others can hopefully realize their dreams and bring more wonderful films into the world via what I call a SCRIPTOCRACY, a system built on proving a script's value by it's ability to gather fans. Script Revolution is also politically neutral with no affiliation to any particular platform and does not cross-sell any internal products, helping writers leverage prestigious accolades they have gained elsewhere to highlight professionally validated material.

Here you can upload as many of your scripts as you wish and, along with your bio, build a portfolio which really sells you as a professional while investing in yourself. All industry members are welcome to search the database, create reading lists, follow the writers you love, and reach out to them via private message.

This is a place where discovery trumps promotion and, although completely free to use, you’ll likely find more features here than most other script hosting websites. We’re growing fast too with an average of 250 scripts uploaded and over 3,750 downloaded every month. Not bad for a community only four years old and built on nothing but word of mouth.

All in all, I sincerely hope you get something out of being here - CJ

Hosting the equivalent of $1,523,880 per year.

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19 page Action, Crime, Thriller TV Pilot by Albert Tan For sale
"An era of political uncertainty and social unrest, Detective Sam Soh found himself caught in a web of business schemes and political agendas dealing with power struggles where ambitions & egos clash."

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