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It's Time For Change

Hi, my name’s CJ Walley. I’m a credited, working screenwriter and film producer who created this platform so screenwriters can realize their dreams via what I call a SCRIPTOCRACY, a system built on proving a script's value by its ability to gather fans while also leveraging prestigious accolades.

Here you can upload your scripts and build a portfolio while investing in yourself as an artist. Industry members are welcome to search the database, create reading lists, follow writers, and reach out to them via private message. All in all, I sincerely hope you get something out of being here.

Hone Your Screenwriting Craft

You’re not going to learn the foundations of screenwriting via reading endless scripts (osmosis) and you’re not going to grasp the fundamentals of storytelling by constantly paying for feedback (consultation). Script Revolution encourages aspiring writers to find their voice, build their artistry, and adopt a professional mindset via studying the craft of script writing itself.

Here you will find the home of Turn & Burn: The Scriptwriter’s Guide to Writing Better Screenplays Faster, a popular and refreshing online guide that’s available to read for free that’s since been extended into a highly acclaimed best-selling book recommended by such industry members as a former director of UTA's story department.


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29 page Animation, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi Web Series Pilot by J. Phillip Wilkins For sale
"With a maniacal religious order hot on his trail, Dracula finds refuge on a frozen moon at the far edge of the universe, only to face a more dangerous opponent. (A six-part mini-series)"

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