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Award Winning Scripts

While you can always go to the main script listing and filter lists by awards received, here's a quick and easy list of every script that's placed in either the Academy Nicholl screenwriting competition and the Austin Film Festival Screenplay and Teleplay competition.

There are currently 29 award winning scripts available to read.

Pray For Me by Paul J. Williams
Over the past twenty-five years, a series of horrific events have struck the town of Smithfield, Virginia. This documentary searches through the secrets, conspiracy-theories, and ugly truths for the answers.
Crime, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
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No Heroes Here by Clint Williams
After forming an uneasy partnership with Russian mobsters to save his failing lakeside bar, a combat veteran declares war to save the people he loves when the Russians' business crosses the line into human trafficking.
Action, Thriller
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The Last Statesman by David Lambertson
An old and cranky local politician goes publicly bananas in an effort to draw attention to an important social issue. This inadvertently puts the career of his son, the Governor of California, at risk.
Comedy, Drama
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Pro-Gamer by Stephen Ko
A young, talented gamer becomes the captain of a new eSports team, but has a hard time getting his eccentric team to listen to him and cooperate with each other.
TV Pilot
Comedy, Sport
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