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Become a Script Revolution Rockstar

Like many of my fellow screenwriters, I want to ensure a future where we can promote our work for as low a cost as possible and filmmakers don't have to be part of an elite club to view it. Since August 2016, Script Revolution has been helping make that happen and I can't thank you enough for your consideration in supporting this movement.

How many screenwriting competitions, directories, and evaluation services are we going to be expected to pay into for a fleeting chance to be read? How many low income, financially vulnerable creatives are going to fall below the cut-off line where they stand no hope of being able to share their work with the world? This may sound somewhat overly dramatic but it's the way things are headed for us and generations that will follow.

Script Revolution is the light at the end of the tunnel. An ethos all about discovery rather than promotion. Random listings so there’s nobody paying their way to the top, soliciting votes, or using any tricks to get ahead of others. Plus, credit where credit is due with a true do no harm favourites system.

Besides indexing an entire writer's portfolio, Script Revolution is the only script database where individuals can't have their work down voted or sandbagged. That's why it's growing fast and I've been working hard to deliver new features on a monthly basis. It's working too, just look at our .

You want Script Revolution to be more secure, to gain exposure, and become the sophisticated platform the industry deserves. You also know there's only so far one man can take it with limited programming skills, a finite amount of time, and little in the way of resources.

Becoming a Rockstar member is a great way to get involved with a low but regular commitment that makes a huge difference. Plus, you can do this for just $5 monthly or $50 annually.

Thank you again for your support - CJ

Rockstar Member Benefits

  • Rockstar status mentioned next to your script listings.
  • A shoutout in the monthly newsletter with link to your profile.
  • Credited Rockstar status on the Script Revolution web site.
  • Ability to access your statistics page.
  • Eligibility for your scripts to be randomly chosen as Script Of The Day.
  • Eligibility for your scripts to appear on the front page (subject to poster quality and user favourites).
  • Priority listing for any of your scripts that make it into the Featured Scripts Section.
  • All your script listings included in the Rockstar Scripts Hot List.
  • Private message limit raised from 5 to 25 conversations new per day.
  • Access to polls regarding Script Revolution development decisions.
  • Updates on what's happening behind the scenes.
  • VIP invites to FREE seminars with industry members.
  • 10% off all Script Revolution merchandise.

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Script Revolution previously relied on Patreon to manage subscriptions and process payments. However, besides requiring members to register an additional account on a different site, this method has higher processing costs and significantly more management demands than handling all subscriptions internally. Existing Rockstar Patreon Supporters are still supported through the old Patreon account and, if you prefer that system, you are more than welcome to use it by visiting the Script Revolution Patreon page here but please note that the minumum tier has been raised to $7.50 per month to cover the additional management time.