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The Script Revolution blog is all about articles that may help screenwriters and filmmakers develop their craft, maximise opportunities, and stay updated on the latest news about the site. This isn't a place where you'll find fear-mongering and browbeating, nor is it a conduit for rule delusions and service advertising. Guest posts are more than welcome and offer a way for members to generate a little more exposure for themselves. If you have a blog post you'd like to submit, then you can contact me by clicking here. - CJ

CJ Walley 28 Feb 2017 0

I'm rather delighted to announce, assuming you haven't heard already, that we hit 1000 scripts uploaded during this month. That's freaking amazing, and I have admit I did run around the house doing a little dance when it happened. I know I keep saying thank you, but seriously, thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping turn this from a little unknown website to a full blown movement. Since launch, Script Revolution has had an average of over 150 screenplays uploaded per month and readers have downloaded an average of over 400 scripts per week!

CJ Walley 27 Feb 2017 5

Which script should you write next? Would people want to read it? Is the idea bad? Do you have the skills needed? Are you really just wasting your time… and life?

Look, I don’t know a single aspiring screenwriter who doesn’t have those questions running through their mind all the time. Creative pursuits are, by their nature, a massive mind-fuck. It gets even tougher when you tie success with money, fame, and respect. You worry. You fret. You judge yourself. You let other people judge you. It’s hard not to default to one of three chains of thought; “I can do this.”, “don’t know if I’...

John Hunter 22 Feb 2017 6

Before anyone might actually read the first page of your script, there are three hurdles your work must clear to pass and I'm talking about Title, Logline and Synopsis.

I have 27 scripts (shorts, features, pilots) posted here on Script Revolution — Thank you CJ for the opportunity to strut my stuff and/or show the world my deficiencies, whichever the case may be. Beyond the obviously benefit of a free public venue, there is more --

As you are aware, this site counts “views.” A “view” here defined as after reading the Title and Logline, someone is interested enough in your...

CJ Walley 21 Feb 2017 4

WOOHOO! Script Revolution had it's 1000th script uploaded to the database just 6 (and a bit) months since launch! Fantastic! Here's a big shoutout to Steve Garry who uploaded the 1000th script, Mister Buttle’s Great Odyssey. The cool thing is, Gary has been an active member and supporter of the site since day one! Thank you so much to him and all the screenwriters who've joined up so far. We can do this. We can make Script...

Désirée Nordlund 15 Feb 2017 0

A film begins with a script. A statement well established on a site like this. One can make a bad movie on a good script, but never a good movie on a bad script. Thus, a lot of time and effort are used to make the script perfect. Script work is cheap compared to what it will be later when it comes to equipment and people to be organized, transported and fed.

I have the privilege of getting one of my short scripts filmed right now, this February. As a writer, working alone is common, but regarding screenplays, you have to be prepared to have your story mulled, and it is not certain...

CJ Walley 14 Feb 2017 2

Shoutout to Chris Keaton, a man with a whole load of short scripts on offer, who's optioned his script A Child Outside. Chris is an Air Force veteran based in Arizona and has recently started expanding his screenwriting into novel writing aswell. Well done, Chris.

CJ Walley 08 Feb 2017 17

Look, this is going to be brutal, but it needs to be said. If you're looking for harsh truths about screenwriting then look no further. You better have thick skin before walking into this one and I'm talking alligator skin thick here. I'm about to hit you with ten doses of sorely needed self reflection and some in your face reality here. You ready? You sure? Why am I so much better than you? Yes you. I've not just got the balls to ask you that question but I've got a long list of reasons to throw at you too? Think you can get all the way to the bottom? Time to suck it up, buttercup - CJ...

Deen Gill 01 Feb 2017 13

Last time we visited, we discussed some of the nuts and bolts of adaptions. At its simplest, an adaption is the use of some other source work (your own or someone else’s) to develop a short, or feature-length, script. We also found out that to adapt someone else’s work, the screenwriter must have permission from the original author, or a work that is now in public domain, or a team of very skilled lawyers. Read more here. Adaptions...

CJ Walley 31 Jan 2017 6

Six months, 108,000 page views, over 900 scripts, over 375 members and an average 1,197 script downloads a month. I think it’s safe to say Script Revolution has become widely accepted by writers and filmmakers. Hell, I recently learned Script Revolution is even being used by some educators to teach students how to promote their work! In fact, Script Revolution has become so popular I've had to upgrade the server a second time with double the processing power and twice as much memory.

J.E. Clarke 25 Jan 2017 1

There’s a million questions in the screenwriting biz. Especially when you first arrive on the “scene.”

Browse any writing board, and questions tumble off the threads like crumbs; some as green as the Wizard’s palace in Oz. How do I properly format slugs? What’s a three-act structure mean? How do I get an agent? (That one’s fun; every time.)

But there’s more than Newbies to blame here. Seasoned “pros” have questions as well. Once one’s been around the block a few times, you realize screenwriting’s as intricate as other sciences and arts.  The farther down the Rabbit Hole you...

Tony Cella 18 Jan 2017 0

According to a study published by UCLA's Linguistic department, more than 80 percent of conversations in Hollywood include “in the industry” at several points.

The great majority of communication, both written and spoken, in the city known for drawing aspiring bartenders and servers from each geographic region of America include the phrase at the beginning, the end or several times mangled in the middle, author of the paper Professor Julius

Barnhoffer said. “Statistically almost every conversation spoken in Los Angeles, more specifically cafes and networking...

6String Mercenary 11 Jan 2017 1

A while ago I got into an online slap-fight with the CEO of The Black List, a service that hosts screenplays for a fee, provides a reader critique service, and is a proven resource for Film Industry Professionals to source content. In short I laid into him for taking money and providing critiques that didn’t have a check-list of basic stuff to help writers grow — his claim, over and over, was all art is Subjective and to use any kind of structure to evaluate an art piece didn’t have any justification. I can appreciate Subjectivity in art, especially as a guitarist, because it’s the nuances...

J.E. Clarke 04 Jan 2017 1

Screenwriter pop-quiz – think quick: What’s the biggest cliché in film?

The Hooker with the Heart of Gold?  EG:  Julia Roberts’ Pretty Woman, Jodi Foster’s Taxi Driver, Rebecca De Mornay’sRisky Business and so on…

Uh, good guess. But that’s material for a different article. Dig a little deeper, try for more.

The popular girl who learns “looks aren’t everything” and falls in love with the nerd?

You’re getting warmer. Keep guessing. The third try is usually the charm.

Stick with nerd, and springboard from there.


CJ Walley 03 Jan 2017 0

The site will be six months old at the end of January and, after some reflecting, I've decided it will require visitors to sign up to read from February onwards. There are two key reasons for this; Firstly, bots are becoming a real issue to manage and the security measures to block them potentially blocks real visitors. Secondly, requiring registration to read means writers can be notified about who is downloading their material.

Visitors will still be able to search through scripts, see script pages with the synopsis included, but will require registration at the point they want to...

CJ Walley 28 Dec 2016 0

Can I ask you a strange question? What’s in your “to be” list? You have a to do list, right? A long list of tasks that you chop away at only for it to regrow like some mutated monster? And that list, it makes you do the things you need to do, right? But does it lead you toward being the person you want to be?

The concept of a “to be” list was something relayed to me by my girlfriend. It stems from authenticity. The more authentic we can be, to ourselves and others, the more fulfilled we should be. We are living up to the ideal that’s in our mind, not the ideal that’s projected by...

Tony Cella 21 Dec 2016 3

A highly respected screenplay consultant draws most of his business from solicitations posted on film discussion forums.

“I'd be happy to look at your screenplay and provide you with studio level notes for a modest price,” he wrote.

The esteemed and established script doctor makes most of his money by telling aspiring film scribes on message boards about his services, most often unsolicited. The consultant's website, which looks like it was designed by a 3rd grader using Windows 98 for the first time, touts his vast network of contacts in the film industry. He also...

6String Mercenary 14 Dec 2016 2

Knowing My Roots

One of my first memories of my Dad’s Dad, Grandpa H, is visiting the log cabin home on a mountainside in Oregon, middle of winter, a wood-burning stove in the corner, Grandma H in the kitchen and Him sitting in his comfy chair, watching TV, and hitting “Mute” on the remote for commercial breaks. She brings over a heavy medical blue, rubber ice pack; he holds it to his head. He breathes deep, eyes narrow. When the show comes back, he clicks the “Mute” again to bring back the volume. Considering he towered over me, something like 6’3” and 230 of natural Big-White-...

J.E. Clarke 07 Dec 2016 4

Once one’s been in the writing game for several years, one trick of the trade shines crystal clear:

Always start one’s articles with some pithy insight.  Just a few choice bon mots are all you need: cherry picked to ring profound.

At the end of the day, it’s a marketing case of “less is more”: a repurposing of insights originated by brilliant men and women who once blazed the path you now tread. An insight which – when wielded right – lights the way to knowledge, achievement… and much more.

In that tradition, I’ll begin this post with a hip-hop quote from two old...

J.E. Clarke 05 Dec 2016 2

Wow – when a great script meets a terrific Director…  sparks and magic simply fly!

Please join Script Revolution in congratulating the heck out of James Barron for his option of Disposal Problems to Director Paul Thompson.  Here’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Paul…

Since 2004, Paul has directed several short films, including Where the Wild Things GoDoe and Quarantine, and music videos for Canadian artists including “Charge!!” for Charge of the Light...

CJ Walley 01 Dec 2016 0

Long story short, Script Revolution now lets you know when a script is downloaded, immediately notifying you via email. Now, this does mean the server has to do a lot more work. Script Revolution has had over 1,800 scripts downloads this feature has been running and there's now over 760 scripts available to read. As a result of that, I have had to increase the memory resources for the Script Revolution server by around 50%.

Yes, some of these downloads are from bots scouring the net, which I'm doing my best to block. No, I cannot offer users information on who's downloading their...

6String Mercenary 30 Nov 2016 3

It only took a small mention on the radio, but the story described sank a harpoon into my memory: "A Texas Woman racked up several thousand dollars of credit card debt, and rather than tell her husband, who was about to go buy a boat and find out, she shot and killed him…according to a jury she has been found guilty…"

Wait, wait, what?! That’s a pretty strange way of problem solving — I mean, yeah maybe that’s some Jerry Springer type relationship dynamics…but wow…wake up, thinking happy thoughts about buying a boat, then BAM like out of a Johnny Cash song...

CJ Walley 28 Nov 2016 0

Shoutout to the amazing Pia Cook who has optioned her script Coulrophobia via Script Revolution. Pia is one of the most supportive, talented, and generally awesome screenwriters I know, who is one of the few out there selling her feature scripts worldwide - just check out her IMDB credits via the link on her profile. I strongly suggest filmmakers hit that follow button to stay updated with her latest work. Pia has given a filmmaking student a non-exclusive option of her script this time round and thus...

CJ Walley 28 Nov 2016 6

We’ve all seen and heard it, within every screenwriting community, “You have to grow a thick skin to survive this industry!” “This industry is desperate for high quality scripts!” “It takes years to break into this industry?”

This industry.

What does your screenwriting dream look like? Is it red carpets and strobing flash bulbs outside the Dolby Theatre? Is it hustling through the studios of Burbank, script in one hand and coffee in the other as you pace your way onto set? Is it running into your heroes and talking the night away on Sunset strip? Is it shielding your...

Tony Cella 23 Nov 2016 3

I've had producers ask me to fund short films I wrote.

I've had producers ask me to pay them to work with me on short films I wrote.

I've had producers tell me they don't have money for the script, but love it and want to produce it then send me an option contract that lasts “in perpetuity”, a.k.a. forever.

I've also had producers pay me for short films.

Early on in my film career, which didn't start until in earnest until I was in my mid-20's, I read that screenwriters were never paid for short scripts. The concept astounded me because I'd been paid sums for...

CJ Walley 19 Nov 2016 0

A big shoutout to Elizabeth H. Vu who has optioned her script A Call in the Night to Raheel Sharma of Prolive Productions. Raheel contacted Elizabeth via Script Revolution and, after purchasing the rights to her script, plans to start shooting in December. This is wonderful news since Elizabeth was a very early adopter of Script Revolution and has worked hard to get her scripts out there in the public eye.


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