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Exclusive Behind The Scenes Images of "The Legend of Lake Hollow"


You know, one of the greatest feelings in the world for me is learning about how Script Revolution is helping change people's trajectories and bringing more films into life. This is one of those very special days when I get to share some photos of a production in progress thanks to members of this community connecting. So how cool is this? Check out these exclusive behind the scenes photos and stills from the production of "The Legend of Lake Hollow". I'm feeling very proud of these guys and honoured to be part of their journey - CJ

Chris and Mark of Penumbra Films, who discovered the original screenplay by Jerry Robbins via Script Revolution, have been kind enough to send these in as they approach day five of their shooting schedule.

These guys aren't waiting around and, in fact, they are gaining funding as they go, so certainly follow them and their project to stay aware of any investment opportunities.

The Legend of Lake Hollow is a horror-thriller about a group of friends at a remote lakeside cabin who find themselves in a deadly nightmare when the trail cameras on the property reveal ghostly, demonic images surrounding them. Chris and Mark say that they would not have found the perfect script to shoot if it wasn't for the search engine on Script Revolution that allowed them to drill down to exactly what we were looking for.

This isn't Jerry's only success story via Script Revolution either since he's also gone on to option his female led winter holiday themed feature "Christmas At Exit 24" to a producer in Los Angeles.

There's more to come too including some creature shoots which should be very exciting. Good luck guys and great job!


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