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Gary Piazza options “Dig Me No Grave”

Congratulations to Rockstar member Gary Piazza who’s optioned his horror thriller feature “Dig Me No Grave” to Silent D Pictures ltd and Rocket Sky High Motion Pictures ltd in the UK. Shooting under the directorship of Ranjeet S. Marwa, production is planned to begin sometime in April with a crew already assembled.

“Thirty years of highs and lows with more highs and more lows...then bam. Finished this script in August, was a winner of the screenplay competition, then a Script Revolution member happened by the script and noticed its theme fit the needs of a close director friend” says Gary who, after a crazy few weeks involving Skype meetings and contract drafting, has signed on the dotted line. What a way to start the year.

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That's pretty great, congratulations Gary. Sounds like you're about to have a lot of fun.