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Huge Literary Magazine List


The first ever guest blog here on Script Revolution comes from Simon Mapp, a guy I'm absolutely delighted to have become acquainted with because he is one of those selfless and caring screenwriters prepared to go out of his way to help others. In this list, Simon identifies a whole load of literary journals screenwriters may want to consider submitting to, some charge, some pay, others fall somewhere in between. The fact is we should always consider every avenue open to us and decide if there's an opportunity there that may give us an edge - CJ

This is not an exhaustive list – the Literary Journals below accept dramatic works in various forms, but many will state that they look at work “in any style” or “hybrid” works, and may also look at scripts in these circumstances.

Some charge reading fees, some do not – some pay for submissions, some do not. I've not marked these as details can change.

Please remember that these are not websites that publish anything sent to them – they are Literary Journals, both print and web based, and are selective. Always read the guidelines – and back issues or extracts if you can, so see if they suit your work before submitting.

Hope this list is of use...

The Dionysian
Stageplays (up to 10 pages)
Currently accepting submissions

Qu Literary Magazine
Stageplays and screenplays
Opens for submissions from October 15th

Harvard Review
“Drama” (up to 2 short plays)
Currently accepting submissions

Perversion Literary Magazine
“Accept work in basically any medium” - themed and unthemed issues
Currently accepting submissions

No Tokens
Currently accepting submissions

Short Drama
Opens for submissions from mid October

The Iowa Review
Plays (up to 25 pages)
Currently accepting submissions

Cleaver Magazine
Radio Plays (up to ten pages)
Currently accepting submissions

New England Review
Plays and Screenplays
currently accepting submissions

Courtship of Winds
“Short dramatic pieces”
Currently accepting submissions

The Evansville Review
Short plays (up to 25 pages)
Currently accepting submissions

Third Coast
Plays (up to 20 pages)
Currently accepting submissions

Prick of the Spindle
Drama and Screenplays
Currently accepting submissions

Alaska Quarterly Review
Short Drama (up to 50 pages)
Currently only accepting snail mail submissions

Arroyo Literary Review
Short Plays and drama
Opens for submissions in December

"Performance Texts" (up to 40 pages)
Currently accepting submissions

Blue Monday Review
"One-acts, screenplays" (3,500 words max)
Not currently accepting submissions

Connotation Press
Plays and screenplays
Currently accepting submissions

Eleven Eleven
Drama (up to 20 pages)
Open for submissions in January 2017

Epoch (The Literary Magazine of Cornell University)
Currently accepting submissions (snail mail only)

Exposition Review
Plays and screenplays (up to 10 pages)
Currently accepting themed submissions

The Roaring Muse
Currently accepting submissions

Shantih Journal
Plays (up to 15 pages)
Currently accepting submissions

Black Sun
Currently accepting submissions

Submissions reopen in January

Drama (up to 25 pages)
Currently accepting submissions

Santa Ana River Review
Dramatic Works (up to 12 pages)
Currently accepting submissions

Reunion: Dallas Review
Plays and Screenplays
Not currently accepting submissions

Dramatic Works for Stage and Screen (up to 15 pages)
Currently accepting submissions

Kenyon Review
Plays (up to 30 pages)
Currently accepting submissions

The Southampton Review
Plays and Screenplays
Currently accepting submissions

Plays of any length and style
Currently accepting submissions

Louisville Review
Currently accepting submissions

Literal Latte
Short Plays (up to 4,000 words)
Currently accepting submissions

The Larcenist
Short stage and screenplays
Currently accepting submissions

The Lampeter Review
Plays and screenplays (up to 10 pages)
Opens for themed submissions January 2017

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Hope you guys found this of some use.

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Nice work CJ. Looks good on my end. I see both the reply and edit options now. And thanks for the Feedback Loop. Looks like I have some scripts to read. Thanks a bunch. You're the best!

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Wow Simon, this list is awesome! Thank you so much for your time and effort putting this together and for being considerate enough to share it with us. If this does not motivate someone to write and submit, man, I'm not sure what would.

Thanks again,

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It could have been double the size but I got cramp in my hands!

I'd point anyone interested in this area to The Review Review site, they have a "drama" filter for searching, which is useful...

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Thanks Simon! I'll check The Review Review site out too. And if that cramp goes away please, feel free to add more...:) I often have writers ask if I know of any places where they can submit their work so to be able to link them to this page is a huge help to me and I really appreciate it!

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This is really good stuff. BTW, I watched the TV show yesterday about the life of Steve McQueen. Engrossing.
Good luck with everything; we all need a bit of that.
Chris C.