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The Script Revolution blog is all about articles that may help screenwriters and filmmakers develop their craft, maximise opportunities, and stay updated on the latest news about the site. This isn't a place where you'll find fear-mongering and browbeating, nor is it a conduit for rule delusions and service advertising. Guest posts are more than welcome and offer a way for members to generate a little more exposure for themselves.

CJ Walley 13 Jan 2022 0

When you’ve spent a long time in a particular profession, it’s hard to ever take that hat off fully. I did twenty years in the field of marketing and now tend to see everything through a marketeer’s eyes. Since then I’ve spent a decade in the world of filmmaking so I’ve naturally become fascinated with the marketing obstacles screenwriters face. I built Script Revolution to help tackle the most fundamental issue of exposure and now I want to talk about another issue few writers seem to be taking seriously, an issue I’m calling “The Gap” - CJ

CJ Walley 27 Dec 2021 0

It's time once again to revisit my annual blog about forming a plan to succeed in screenwriting in the next calendar year. Christmas is a great time to pause and reflect on where we are and I'm trying to keep this guide updated with any new information I find and keep it in context in regard to the current state of events. Needless to say, it's been another weird year - CJ

Lawrence Davidson 13 Dec 2021 7

The recent Austin Film Festival screenplay competition controversy regarding their reader feedback has ignited a heated debate about the quality of competition readers and their ability to give considered feedback writers can work with to improve their material. In this article, Lawrence Davidson highlights a concern that we may be failing to see the wood for the trees. It's time to reconsider why so many of us screenwriters enter competitions in the first place - CJ

Caroline Rovello 03 Dec 2021 4

In this passionate blog post, Caroline Rovello talks about the importance of connections and, more crucially, the importance of a kind hearted response and where it can send you on your journey. If you take anything from her message here, let it be a new awareness of how your attitude to others can impact them in both positive and negative ways - CJ

CJ Walley 23 Nov 2021 5

I’ve spent the best part of ten years now hearing the phrase “you’ll look like an amateur” over and over again within screenwriting communities but, more often than not, what’s fussed over is petty and ambiguous. Yet, at the same time, I see behaviour that screams NOOB from the rooftops that it seems nobody’s talking about. So, here’s a list of what jumps out to me and how to correct the course - CJ

Stephen Ford 19 Oct 2021 2

Stephen Ford is fast becoming know in these parts for his brutally honest articles on the reality of trying to turn a love of writing into a viable screenwriting career. I'm pleased to say, he's back with another, this time covering the topic of that melancholy we can feel for our passion after an extended time chasing the dream. It's tough and it's far from the romantic ideal many paint it as. I'm sure many of us can empathise with the insight Stephen shares and take a little comfort in the ethos he proposes - CJ

CJ Walley 15 Oct 2021 3

I’m a painfully loyal person and, while that sounds like a strength, I’m not entirely sure it is. It’s a trait. Loyalty is a strange beast that can often be tied to a lot of different factors that mean what looks like loyalty in others might be something else entirely, while our own loyalty can often be exploited. I want to introduce you to a concept; the difference between having our loyalty rewarded and having our loyalty abused - CJ

Ronika Merl 16 Sep 2021 0

I'm a pretty fast writer. My current film in production took ten days to write, the previous one took six, and I once attached an Oscar Award Nominated actor to a script I'd written in just three. If you've read my Turn & Burn Screenwriting Guide, you'll know I encourage good planning and a fast pace for anyone who wants to turn pro. In this article, regular contributor Ronika Merl talks about how she finds writing fast fuels her artistic passion, maintains her motivation, and produces better results overall - CJ

Stephen Ford 10 Sep 2021 2

Breaking in is tough, real tough, but once you do get that first assignment or spec sale and the drafting starts, it's a whole new struggle, especially internally as you now need to perform under pressure, pressure that's partly self-imposed. Stephen Ford, founding member of the Screenwriters Ireland Facebook Group, perfectly encapsulates the mind-state many of us fall into in this admirably honest and authentic blog post detailing his own brutal experience - CJ

J.B. Storey 28 Jun 2021 2

I love it when smart, creative thinkers challenge my views. J.B. Storey is the definition of a smart, creative thinker with remarkable credentials to back that up. As many of you know, I'm not a fan of small, unknown competitions and festivals when it comes to getting traction as an aspiring screenwriter. J.B. however makes a good argument in this article to look at the marketplace differently and consider the boutique approach - CJ

Marven Likness 21 Jun 2021 1

Some screenwriters just standout and, even though I have thousands in my network, Marven Likness is one of those people. The resident pool-shark in chief has been a regular in the Script Revolution zoom chats and recently blew participants away with his pitch for "One in a Trillion". When I recently left a blog post within a Facebook group, Marven left a brilliant comment explaining what he'd experienced trying to get his scripts out there. I said, "Dude, you've gotta turn this into a blog post!" and here we are. Enjoy Marven's take on what comes next after writing your script - CJ

CJ Walley 03 Jun 2021 0

You know, one of the greatest feelings in the world for me is learning about how Script Revolution is helping change people's trajectories and bringing more films into life. This is one of those very special days when I get to share some photos of a production in progress thanks to members of this community connecting. So how cool is this? Check out these exclusive behind the scenes photos and stills from the production of "The Legend of Lake Hollow". I'm feeling very proud of these guys and honoured to be part of their journey - CJ

Steve Sorenson 03 May 2021 2

Steve Sorenson, a long-time member of Script Revolution, has an interesting background in film production that's given him a unique perspective on the subject. In this article, he shares a few thoughts on better concept creation, focusing on entertainment, keeping scenes moving, and tugging at the emotional heartstrings of your audience - CJ

Ronika Merl 20 Apr 2021 3

I've been saying for years now that we have a lot of what it takes to build a screenwriting career completely backwards. We are advised to bury the artist within us by obsessing over formatting and to trying to fit a mould in the hope we don't offend those who show interest in our material. My view is that we should develop our storytelling craft to the point we can speak our truths freely and unapologetically and that, by embracing this, our writing is more profound and entertaining as a result. Imagine my delight when Ronika Merl reached out with the following blog post that not only ...

CJ Walley 04 Apr 2021 0

Okay so, I like to use cheeseburgers as metaphors a lot so stick with me on this and try not to get peckish. I want to talk about an area of spec script writing that often gets completely ignored while aspiring screenwriters obsess over formatting and typos as those are a real deal-breaker. It's time to have a serious conversation about wether or not we're trying to sell something that's fundamentally viable at a business level - CJ

CJ Walley 03 Apr 2021 4

The day I found the inspiration to go ahead and create a free script hosting website was July 4th 2016, US Independence Day. I originally conceptualised the term “revolution” as a reference to how the site would allow screenwriters to promote their material in a way never seen before. Who would have known, nearly five years later, I’d be sitting on a huge underground uprising that many who have influence seemingly don’t want people to know about ?— CJ

Shane Stanley 11 Mar 2021 1

If you know Shane Stanley, you'll know it's hard not to think about his name without picturing him performing one of his classic drum solos as the man is true rock and roll right to his core. With a remarkable background in the heavy metal/glam metal world spanning many years, Shane cut his teeth directing some classic music videos for legendary performers that went on to get major screen time. In this blog, he reflects on that genre of filmmaking and his recent actives within it - CJ

CJ Walley 23 Feb 2021 3

I’m, as of time of writing, 41 years old with an emphasis on the old. When I was a kid, I was exposed to the American New Wave films of the 70’s via rented video tape and, as I moved into my teens, the Independent Cinema Movement of the 90’s via late night TV and DVD. Lucky me. Generation-X got a damn good deal. I miss these eras dearly but it’s time to move on and get real -  CJ

CJ Walley 19 Jan 2021 3

If you’ve added a script listing to Script Revolution in the past few months, you’ll have likely noticed that you have the option to add a link to what’s called a ScriptHop Packet and you may have noticed my listing for Blueberry Special includes one. So what’s the deal? Why have I been so quick to implement this relatively unknown platform and promote what many would see as a direct competitor?— CJ 

CJ Walley 22 Dec 2020 7

Around this time last year, I published the blog “A Plan to Succeed in Screenwriting in 2020”. I wanted to revisit this with all I have learned in the previous twelve months. Therefore, this is the same document redrafted with some new reflections. 2020 has been a strange year to say the least and its impact on the film industry so significant it will most likely be changed forever as a result. Let’s dive in — CJ

Kelly Hughes 17 Dec 2020 3

Last month, Kelly Hughes, host of the fantastic 2-Bit Horror Podcast, blessed us with a brilliant guide detailing 10 Ways to be a Perfect & Productive Podcast Guest and now he's back to talk about the art of capturing the best possible table read as this becomes an increasingly popular method for screenwriters to both develop and market their scripts. This is a great guide broken down into seven sections which is a must read for writers, producers, and actors - CJ

CJ Walley 18 Nov 2020 11

So, I’m in a weird but exciting place right now. A feature film I’ve written is set for release in North American very shortly. It’s going to be stocked in Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon to buy on DVD and available on multiple streaming platforms. It’s been an exhilarating couple of years from unknown amateur to working screenwriter so here’s the most important lessons I’ve learned along the way — CJ

Kelly Hughes 13 Nov 2020 1

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Kelly Hughes for his podcast "2-bit Horror" and I can safely say he's one of the most professional hosts I've spoken with. In fact, Kelly and I go back a long way in my screenwriting life as he has also been a Stage 32 regular and blogger. In this article, he pretty much hands the powerful marcomms channel that is podcasting to you on a plate. No more excuses. It's time to take to the airwaves - CJ

Shane Stanley 13 Oct 2020 0

If you've played with the image filters on social media platforms, you'll know how much difference colouring can make to the feel of a photograph. As someone who's watched a project go through shooting and post-production, where I got to see raw footage go through grading, I was amazed at how much difference it made to the impact of the film and I can certainly see why people get paid a lot of money to do it well. The question is; how does an indie filmmaker on a budget achieve similar results? Well, as ever, Shane Stanley is here to give some pointers based on his own experience - CJ

Bill Albert 18 Aug 2020 2

Rockstar member Bill Albert joined Script Revolution only recently but has already recieved the kind of call we've all been waiting for. While his feature script "Welcome to Nowhere" is prepared to be presented to studios by an eager producer, Bill has taken the time to write about his experience dealing with notes and making changes to seal the deal and aim to break in as an unknown writer - CJ