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Matthew Mosely Sells "The Caller" Feature

A couple of months ago, I announced that rockstar member Matthew Mosely had optioned his horror feature script "The Caller" to director/producer Samson Alli after it was found via Script Revolution. I'm now delighted to announce that the script has been purchased for a five figure sum. Huge congratulations to Matthew and Samson. We all look forward to seeing how the project develops and supporting it as we can.

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Congratulations, Mr. Mosely!

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I can't believe 'The Caller' got optioned. It just is not possible! It is so amateurish. Everything about it is bad! - dialogue characters, plot, pace. ¡Nada!

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Aww, Eve MAD! :-D I guess that's why she's a FREElance 'journalist'. #LearnToReallyWrite #StopBeingJelly