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Please Don't Hide Your Screenplay!


If you are a Script Revolution member, you are probably already sharing your material with the world and getting it read by as many interested parties as possible. However, you still might want to forward your friends this post by Bamutiire Jerry Edmund which is a call to action encouraging people to avoid locking their stories away where people cannot find them or chasing dreams down avenues that lead to nowhere. You have to admit, he makes a damn good argument - CJ

A little daughter in long-stood pain had laid next to her dead mother’s body moreover not in the comfort of a pitiful mourners-abounding funeral venue but rather on a high mass of wood without a choice waiting to be burnt along with the deceased. A torch had earlier been held out to the bottom of the pyre, setting the wood ablaze. Now encircled by the flames, a cry of terror arose from the girl on seeing a figure rise up as if it was the dead mom’s spirit. But she then smiled on realizing it was not a ghost; the mother herself had bodily stooped up. She lifted the little girl.

Lightening struck; bellowing vapor of hope emerged and extinguished the fire. The lady carried her little daughter down through the clouds of smoke, and brought her to the grandest stage of them all where she put up a show of glory just for her, yes, the little daughter is your screenplay and the mother is you, and the stage is the variety of screenplay exhibition platforms Script Revolution being one of them and a very excellent example as CJ Walley a compassionate screenwriter founded the platform putting into consideration all that is necessary for a perfect exhibition of a screenwriter’s work.

We screenwriters are easily squeezed into the unfriendly corner of low self esteem and discouragement as we tend to in opinion reduce our scripts to nothing but blue prints that only are to either be looked at by the builders of the film industry or else be kept locked away from the public eye. You the mother birthed the screenplay your daughter only to lock her away in isolation for so long that she even thinks you’re dead! It’s high time you arose before she is consumed by the fires of this unjust deed of yours to her; lift her away from the fires and take her to the stage, that platform to exhibit her for the serene will be happy setting their eyes on her. Alignment won’t find her locked away, scouts do their quests in the public, not behind closets. And remember it’s not only about the scouts, there’s also power in having lots and lots of ordinary readers sing your screenplay praises in the exhibition halls.

Of course there is a fear of the girl being vulnerable but this is always your responsibility to do whatever it takes to fade away her vulnerabilities through tending to her. This means you take time to, be it solely or with the help of an authentic editor or legitimate script consultant, polish up your screenplay ensuring it is honorably presentable to a reader; you should not fail at good formatting, if it’s much of a bother, use the aid of a screenwriting software to help you get the margins right. I am not here to discuss the ABC of screenwriting but rather to urge all of you who have screenplays that are ready for exposure to go ahead exhibit them. Please only keep the unready one locked away, they will be happy to grow without pressure in the privacy of their lock down homes but for the grown ones, they will cry if you lock them away yet they are ready for exposure and want it.

Stop all that cold emailing and calling as well as all the unsolicited submissions; the best it will do you is compartmentalize you into a chamber abounding in feelings of failure. Stop clinging unto where you are unwelcome; those their will only ill-treat you caring not even to raise to your daughter the screenplay. Yes, “All the world’s a stage,” to quote William Shakespeare but note that it’s of different spots; take your little daughter to the spots where she is welcome but also beware of the fraudulent ones that put on a big make-belief smile only to lure you into an entrapment for your money without any worthwhile developmental, practical progress. I recommend screenplay exhibiting platforms like Script Revolution and Stage 32.

Consider WWE’s Wrestlemania 34, 2018. It was good news on The Deadman’s part defeating John Cena but was also good news for John Cena to lose. That sounds ironic but true because this defeat from The Undertaker was another of his experienced match losses after which he never backs down from his active love for being a wrestler thereby achieving inspirational portrayal of unceasing endurance as embedded in his slogan: ‘Never give up!’ A loser is substantially important and is crucially a hero too like the winner, because it is the loser’s existence which makes it possible to have a reputable victor and conclusive progress. Likewise your screenplay could have lost in contests or simply not picked up on production yet while others have; it’s all good for your dear daughter still because her involvement and presence in the public eye are elements she’s used to publicly define you as a very important person to the world, a mother. Yes your screenplay has defined you as a creative and this would not have happened had you locked her away from the public eye.

Spare a thought for Ronda Rousey WWE’s Wonder Woman. She deserves being called so as her advent to the company was a marvel by far and she proved to the world on the grandest stage of them all that a woman too can martial artistically fight a man and earn victory over him. Wrestlemania 34 saw Ronda Rousey fight to lead her pairing with Kurt Angle into victory over Tripple H and his teammate wife Stephanie McMahon in a mixed tag team match. Ronda Rousey fought and endured an excessively strength-consuming and pain-inflicting fight from Triple H as did Kurt Angle, making it clear that what a man can endure, so can a woman, and that what a man can do, so can a woman. No doubt Ronda Rousey taught the world a lesson that gender equality is real. Likewise when it comes to screenwriting, it doesn’t matter your gender, we all can do the art and excel at it; so no more gender-based excuses for hiding your lovely daughters; those lovely screenplays of yours. Please don’t hide your screenplay!

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It was in my childhood when I got inspired to be a creative. Journeying from then saw me pen layman non standard screenplays with dreams I would be among the cast, it was not only that, the trek also saw me put up mime and dance performances at school shows which left me feeling a star as so the kids approvingly acknowledged of my performances and my name was quite a household shot on school campus and in classroom; those golden memories! And now, I come to you a creative of considerable...Read more



Elizabeth Blandford's picture

Hi Jerry, nice reading your words of wisdom as well as those of Will Shakespeare. Fortunately, most scripts on this site are downloadable and I have enjoyed reading quite a number of them.
Do you have any new screenplays in the works, or are you concentrating on writing more books? All the best, Elizabeth

Bamutiire Jerry Edmund's picture

Great you've enjoyed the read, Elizabeth. I for now have hopes of doing storytelling through acting too.

Elizabeth Blandford's picture

I hope you do take up the acting again. I know you were a hit in shows you put on in school.

Bamutiire Jerry Edmund's picture

Surely it's a way for me to go.