Can just anyone download my scripts? | Script Revolution

Can just anyone download my scripts?

While everybody is free to join Script Revolution, writers ultimately control who can download their material via the Read Request system. This is easy to use and you’ll be instructed through every stage whenever notified and required to act.

If you are a writer - You will receive email alerts notifying you of a new read request and asking you to visit your Read Request Management Page where you can find out more about the reader making the request and decide if you want to grant them permission to download the script.

If you are a reader - On a script listing, you will see a Send Read Request button toward the bottom of the page. Clicking on this will submit a request notifying the writer to take action. If they accept your read request, you will receive an email alert linking to your Read Request Management Page where you can immediately download the script.

At any time, a user can visit their Read Request Management page to see a list of all the requests they have made and/or received with the option to revoke access to a script should they later change their mind.

If you have submitted your script for review by Shooting The Shorts, you may find one or two people are downloading your scripts without submitting requests. This is because the STS Review Team have direct access so they can review your material at their convenience.