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How can I improve my chances of getting exposure on Script Revolution?

Rather than working to the theory that there is one best way to highlight a script, Script Revolution offers multiple ways for material to find its way in front of industry members and it's best to try and ultilise all of them, if you can. If you are looking for a silver bullet, you will not find one. Industry members find material here in a variety of ways which is good news to anyone new to the site or uploading fresh content.

The Basics

The best place to start, and I'm sorry if this sounds a little corny, is with having a great story concepts with great loglines and engaging synopses that explain who the characters are and how the story plays out. That's what readers are exposed to more than anything else and will help demonstrate your value and craft skills as a writer. Script Revolution prioritises scripts in the listings that have a synopsis included. In addition to that, it's essential to make sure you have tagged your scripts with all the appropriate tags as you don't want to miss out on any of those specific searches readers make where your material may apply. A high impact poster image will not only draw attention to your material and help communicate the subject and tone, it may get your scripts onto the Poster Wall. It's also important to come across as professional. Have you completed your bio? Have you uploaded a decent headshot? What about your IMDb? Beyond that, you can gain favourites on your scripts over time as more people read them and this will be shown next your scripts in listings to help them stand out. 

Rockstar Benefits

Scripts added by Rockstar Members are eligible to be listed in all Hot Lists such as Most Loved Rockstar Scripts and Most Popular Rockstar Scripts where favorites and views will push scripts to the top along with the dedicated All Rockstar Scripts and New Rockstar Scripts lists which are random. Rockstar Members themselves are included on the Most Followed Rockstar Writers list. The most exclusive list is the Featured Scripts list which combines poster quality and various other forms of validation as detailed here. All scripts added by Rockstar Members also go to the top of all listings and have a badge showing the member's status so people browsing know they have gone the extra mile to invest in themselves.

Further Investment & Validation

In addition to becoming a Rockstar Member, the quickest way to gain validation is to purchase recognised professional coverage for your best scripts. Any strong considers or recommends will boost your material up the listings with a golden bullhorn icon next to it. A prestigious award will, of course, get a script into the Award Winning Scripts list and mean it gets a golden trophy icon next to it.

So the strategy can be as follows;

  1. Write great story concepts (well duh!).
  2. Make your listings as detailed and engaging as possible.
  3. Get a kick-ass poster made and add it to the listing.
  4. Be patient as people read and (hopefully) favourite your work.
  5. Become a Rockstar Member to further stand out.
  6. Get respected coverage and submit any recommends.
  7. Enter a prestigious competition and submit any placements.

When it comes to your short scripts, Script Revolution has the added bonus of allowing you to submit them to the Review team who may give it a positive review. No guarantees though. It's free after all.