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Script Revolution WGA Strike Statement

As many of you should now know, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) has started strike action against its signatories. For more details on the reasoning and demands, please visit the WGA Strike Hub.

I want to state Script Revolution’s position at this time so all is clear.

Script Revolution Is Inherently Pro-union and Fundamentally Iconoclastic

As a child of 80’s Britain, I’ve always been more than aware of the criticality of worker unionisation and how far action has to go to ensure a better deal, not just for those currently within a profession, but for future generations dreaming of a fulfilling career.

Unlike most other services that try to filter writers into the Hollywood studio system, Script Revolution was built in contrast to that attitude in a push to even out the playing field by connecting aspiring artists with small indie filmmakers globally who struggle to access material elsewhere.

Script Revolution has been helping do what the current WGA strike action partly intends to achieve for nearly seven years now by providing an alternative to targeting Hollywood, and thus, since it consists mainly of non-WGA writers targeting non-WGA signatory industry members, it lends itself well to this situation.

Strike Action Is All About Starving the Beast

It’s okay to be confused and worried about what you, as an individual writer, can and can’t do right now, but the principle is simple; all writers worldwide who support strike action are trying to put pressure on WGA signatories by cutting off their ability to profiteer from writing. Think of it as stopping the raw steel from coming into the biggest factories - no resources mean no production, and thus no income for the businesses impacted until they agree to the terms of the workforce.

This means writers (WGA members or otherwise) halting all dealmaking with WGA signatories until the strike is over, and that dealmaking doesn’t just include taking on work but also actively pitching projects and submitting scripts.

All writers can still pursue new representation, provided those agents and managers aren’t pushing material onto WGA signatories.

Non-WGA writers are still able to work with non-WGA signatories as before. However, they need to be wary of those entities being linked back to WGA signatories through arms of divisions and do their best not to unwittingly help circumnavigate the block on new material.

For more information, read the strike rules FAQ.

I’m All About Giving You the Power of Decision

The nature of Script Revolution and the fact it’s run by just me working on my own means I do not have a magic switch I can flick or the manpower needed to temporarily ban all WGA signatories from browsing the site. The read request system exists for a reason: to empower you with the opportunity to dictate who does and doesn’t get to read your material.

I am not going to tell you what to do or what your stance on the strike should be, but I encourage you to educate yourself on the demands being made, how those demands impact all writers down the line and your potential role within all of this, even as a non-WGA writer.

If you feel the pressure to make any decision is too much and have doubts, the simple answer is not to make one until the strike ends and it’s back to business as usual.

I personally cannot conclusively tell you who you specifically should and shouldn’t be dealing with. Questions like that need to be directed to WGA directly.

“Scabbing” Is Never Worth It, but the Term Can Be Abused

Some aspiring writers will see this as an opportunity to jump in and “help” WGA signatories by agreeing to do the work WGA writers are refusing to do. Please understand that this is a fallacy, as being found to be scabbing (undermining the impact of the strike for your own gain) will result in being blacklisted and never being able to join the WGA or work for those signatories again in the future.

Outright scabbing will not be tolerated on Script Revolution, with all parties being banned permanently and reported to the WGA with evidence.

However, in times like these, I appreciate that some can take the term “scab” too far and use it to chastise others or even disparage their reputation based on individual opinions on what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour. Bullying and slander will also not be tolerated on Script Revolution, and I urge everyone to remain as professional and balanced as possible.

Ultimately there should be nothing to fear, as industry members impacted generally respect the strike and have little interest in tarnishing their reputation by trying to circumvent virtual picket lines.

If you believe you are being asked to engage in scab writing, know of scabbing taking place, or feel you are being unfairly accused of scabbing in any way, please email with details as soon as possible.

Pausing Your Rockstar Membership

It’s been said in some discussions that perhaps engaging financially with any script hosting services at this time may be seen as effectively scabbing. While I feel this certainly isn’t the case with Script Revolution being so orientated to global independent film, I respect any writer’s wishes to show their support in this way while appreciating they may not wish to cancel their renewal when they are paying the lower rate from previous years.

Therefore, I pledge that any current Rockstar member who chooses to cancel their renewal and let their subscription expire during the strike will be able to restart at the same original price once it’s over. This can be done so from the recurring fees section of your profile page and is subject to you contacting me for a renewal link when you wish to restart.

We’re in the Early Days

Strike action has to be dynamic to address pushback from those impacted, so the above is always subject to change. There is always the chance Script Revolution is pulled closer into the debate, and more involved action may need to be taken. I will endeavour to keep you updated if that’s the case.

What I cannot do is answer your individual questions as I do not have the knowledge, time, or connections to do so. Once again, I must direct you to the strike hub for more specific information.

In solidarity - CJ