What do you mean by a "SCRIPTOCRACY" and "Investing in yourself"? | Script Revolution

What do you mean by a "SCRIPTOCRACY" and "Investing in yourself"?

I believe that a spec script can be considered a piece of literature and pop-culture material. While a lot of sites and services try to make the identification of great scripts an exclusive and mysteriously curated process, Script Revolution opens readership up to the demographic that matters the most - people worldwide who simply love reading scripts. Movies sell to the general public and it only makes sense to have the same customer base reading through screenplays and favouriting those they love. This is the SCRIPTOCRACY; giving everyone the opportunity to read and support scripts so the material that finds fans also finds exposure. Industry members looking for valuable specs and promising writers can browse Script Revolution knowing material isn't being judged (and potentially sandbagged) by a tiny pool of pretentious critics, it's finding positive connections with a genuine audience.

When it comes to "investing in yourself", it's easy to spend (and waste) a lot of money trying to break into a professional screenwriting career. One of the biggest issues is throwing good money after bad at products and services which are ineffective or locked in to certain platforms. Here on Script Revolution, I'm building a platform that offers guidance, points to resources, and gives potential exposure to those willing to invest in things that will genuinely benefit them across the board. While it would make me a very rich man fast, Script Revolution does not run competitions, offer anonymous feedback/coverage/evaluations, nor push its own products or put people into a mysterious ranking system. You will not be sold pitch sessions or told you need to pay for consultancy here. Instead, you will be encouraged to read books from successful professionals, rewarded for placements in reputable competitions, and highlighted for recommends from respected coverage services while honing your craft and marketing your material as best you can. The idea being that any benefits gained can be applied across the board outside of Script Revolution and in perpetuity. While there is the paid Rockstar tier of membership here, a lot of effort is put into securing discount deals that mean a writer can easily save more than they spend on products and services that are genuinely useful to them along with a host of additional benefits.