What makes Script Revolution different? | Script Revolution

What makes Script Revolution different?

Besides being free to submit to and requiring no membership to browse, the key difference between Script Revolution and other script listing directories is how material is found and featured. Most script hosting directories work on an expensive pay to be featured model; material is promoted in relation to a premium payment or via costly evaluation services sold directly by the platform. I believe this is flawed for a number of reasons. Firstly, there is no relationship between a writer's affluence and talent (in fact, it's those writers struggling who tend to have some of the best stories to tell). Secondly, and this also applies to script competitions, the system relies on two or more people within process perfectly aligning in terms of tastes and needs during a tiny snapshot of time - which is incredibly unlikely. Thirdly, the readers employed by many of these systems are poorly qualified, under-paid, and overworked, making their evaluations rushed, dispassionate, and of little value to aspiring filmmakers. This is why I believe many services that currently exist are so woefully ineffective and boast success rates of less than one percent despite the money thrown at them.

Script Revolution works on the basis that detail is king and that filmmakers have a basic idea of what they are looking for. Scripts are found by interrogating a huge array of variables associated with a script, be it anything as simple as the genre to logistical requirements such as number of locations to fine detail such as the type of narrative at play. When it come to displaying lists of available scripts, Script Revolution uses an algorithm that is mostly random but factors in prestigious awards, professional coverage, reader favourites, poster quality, whether a synopsis has been included, and member status to help push high-quality, validated material toward the top. This is the essence of the SCRIPTOCRACY; the belief that good scripts attract attention over time and that the general consensus of movie fans reading material on their own terms mixed with the professional opinions of third parties is a robust indicator of value. By being free, Script Revolution gives writers the time exposure their scripts really need to align with the right people while getting additional leverage from prestigious accolades received elsewhere.