Where can I find out more about the Script Revolution team? | Script Revolution

Where can I find out more about the Script Revolution team?

Umm, this is kinda awkward. It's just me, CJ Walley. I do everything here from the coding to the graphics to the marketing. It's me who checks your competition placements and coverage endorsements before adding them. It's me checking every new member bio and every new script logline when it's submitted. It's me dealing with technical questions. I have to juggle this all around my writer-producer work and my social life, which is tricky given all the timezone differences, so it's not unusual for me to have to get out of bed at 3am to address something or deal with issues while out and about. Long story short, Script Revolution is literally run out of a bedroom by one guy and still gets referenced in the same sentence as other script hosting websites such as the Black List, Inktip, and Coverfly. It's this lean approach that helps keep the site free and independent. This all said, a shoutout must be given to the STS review team who have found a home here and work tirelessly to help highlight great scripts.


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Hey CJ, 

First of all Thank You so much for the site and all your work. 

I have been in contact with you about my screenplay Should I Die Before I Wake... and I've forwarded you an email on Feb. 23rd that I received from Coverfly verifying my Top 25% Badge and as of yet not gotten a reply or seen it posted on my script listing on Script Revolution as of yet. I just want to make sure you've received the verification.

I've had contact with Coverfly and they have most definitely attached the Top 25% 03/18/2023 badge to my script's listing on their website.

I totally understand you're busy, and I appreciate everything you do here. It's my favorite site, with all of my best friends and mentors on it, but when you get the chance please update my script listing. Or if there's something I'm missing as far as verification please let me know. As I've said, I've been in touch with Coverfly and I can produce the verification again if needs be...

Thank you for your time and effort.

Very sincerely yours,