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Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs Script Revolution and how can I contact them?

Script Revolution has been created by myself, CJ Walley. You can contact me via or, if you are a member, by visiting my profile and clicking the "Send this user a private message" button. I am a working credited screenwriter myself based in the UK with an LA based action feature to my name.

Why does Script Revolution exist?

Over the past few years, I've noticed an alarming trend towards writers having to pay to be read while what little exposure they get (if any at all) is limited to a small exclusive club of members. This is a worrying trend in an industry where querying has typically been free and filmmakers have been easily able to solicit submissions. I feel we are in danger of paying to play becoming the norm for screenwriters, while up-and-coming filmmakers are isolated from finding great material. Many can't afford this and this creates a barrier to entry for artists from the most vulnerable backgrounds. It also creates a gambling mentality that many can fall foul of as they believe paying for multiple reads and hoping to get lucky is the key to breaking in. Screenwriting and filmmaking should not be the exclusive domain of the affluent or well connected. There is enough inequality in the world and the arts must be protected.

What Makes Script Revolution Different?

Besides being free to submit to and requiring no membership to browse, the key difference between Script Revolution and other script listing directories is how material is found and featured. Most script hosting directories work on a pay to be featured model; material is either boosted up the listings in relation to payment or via evaluation in exchange for payment. I believe this is flawed for a number of reasons. Firstly, there is no relationship between a writer's affluence and talent (in fact, it's those writers struggling who tend to have some of the best stories to tell). Secondly, and this also applies to script competitions, the system relies on two or more people within the system perfectly aligning in terms of tastes and needs during a tiny snapshot of time - which is incredibly unlikely. Thirdly, the readers employed by these systems are often poorly qualified, under-paid, and overworked, making their evaluations rushed, dispassionate, and of little value to aspiring filmmakers. This is why I believe many services that currently exist are so woefully ineffective and boast success rates of less than one percent despite the money thrown at them.

Script Revolution works on the basis that detail is king and that filmmakers have a basic idea of what they are looking for. Scripts are found by interrogating a huge array of variables associated with a script, be it anything as simple as the genre to logistical requirements such as number of locations to fine detail such as the type of narrative at play.

Through Script Revolution, I am also building a SCRIPTOCRACY with the belief that good scripts attract attention over time and that the general consensus of movie fans reading material on their own terms is a robust indicator of value. By being free and thus giving writers the time exposure their scripts really need to align with the right people while allowing users to favourite material, that data, along with other factors, is used to highlight scripts in a variety of different ways.

Why have I never heard about this site until now?

It's proven very difficult to get any opinion leaders or media outlets to even look at Script Revolution. I'm trying all the time but most of my attempts to reach out to people are left ignored. That said, some have been there to support what's happening in various ways. Simply Scripts have actively promoted what's happening here from day one while simultaneously doing their best to help screenwriters for free in their own way. Rich "RB" Botto's week end blog (well worth following) mentioned Script Revolution in the very early stages. Stuart Wright from Britflicks and Wayne Kelly from The Joined Up Writing Podcast have both conducted interviews about the platform.

Who were the first people to join Script Revolution?

Anthony CawoodP.H. CookWayne TaylorJames BarberRuth MaramisVictor VeraKatie BurkePat RickWarren Duncan and Marc B were the first ten people who saw little more than an idea to bring change and signed up because they believed in it.

It all seems a bit too good to be true. What's in this for Script Revolution?

I created Script Revolution because I feel the industry and art-form really needs it. When I say the industry, I mean the greater global industry that resides outside of the big Hollywood studios. The simple fact is, as a screenwriter myself, I doubt my writing is ever going to make a significant difference to the world, but this site might. This all began as an altruistic project I funded from my own pocket. After a year of doing that, and due to overwhelming requests by members, I created a Pateron account which allowed people to give financial support. Now with it's own built in billing system, the site is able to offer Rockstar membership status and associated benefits to members through a simple sign-up process which helps cover the costs of keeping the lights on.

Are top level industry members browsing Script Revolution?

I think it's safe to say most top level industry members are swamped with submissions and have their readers working day and night to provide coverage on a seemingly never ending slush pile. I know some script listing services out there make a real song and dance about who's looking through their listings, I'm not going to do that. It's going to take time for Script Revolution to build its user base and I expect the vast majority of it to come from those who aren't the privileged few - I'm talking small independents, students, managers at the start of their careers. I'm talking those hundreds of thousands outside of Hollywood and around the world. For what it's worth, members have had their scripts optioned and bought after being found on Script Revolution but these are the kind small deals that launch careers rather than allow writers to retire early.

Will posting my script publicly result in my idea or script being stolen?

Urgh, look, we could go back and forth about how we perceive the risk here but really that's all it will ever be, a perception. This all really comes down to how we all view the world and we are either trusting or distrusting of the public at large. I mean, I get it I really do. Deciding to list your scripts publicly feels like a huge deal. Will people steal my ideas? Will they steal my script? I'm not going to pretend I've never felt that. I'm also not going to guarantee that will never happen via Script Revolution. The industry has its dark corners and unscrupulous members, as almost any industry does. I guess it comes down to this; if you believe you're sitting on a million dollar screenplay then you're not going to have any issue with using a private paid listing service and paying a premium for that service. Just always remember this, almost all the filmmakers we admire were Joe Blow once and hold those they connected with in the early days dearly. Some tips for those worried about idea or script theft;

  • Always legally protect work you care about with the appropriate copyright law for your situation (Such as with the US Library of Congress)
  • You don't have to upload your script pdf to Script Revolution, you can choose to handle your own read requests.
  • You can upload the first thirty pages of a script and those engrossed can request to read further.
  • Never share a concept you believe is valuable until you have completed your first draft.
  • Always remember, it's cheaper and less hassle for a prodco or industry member to buy a script than face a lawsuit for stealing it.

In a bid to help screenwriters bolster the documented history of their script's listing on Script Revolution all script submissions are encrouaged to list secured copyright details and a timestamp showing the listing's creation is shown on the script detail page along with the date the listing was last modified plus writers have the option to create noted revisions when making edits.

Do I have to include my pdf with my listing?

You don't. If you choose not to include your script pdf then your script detail page will display the message "No script uploaded". Please contact the writer to request a read." And yes, members do get read requests.

How do I sign up?

Click "Join The Revolution" in the header menu to get to the sign-up form. Please use your real details and don't hide behind pseudonyms. If you don't have a profile picture the site will default to using a generic one instead. Basically try to be as professional as possible, not only will it make you look better but it will also make the whole site look better. Being free, Script Revolution sometimes suffers from people who give it no respect. That's not tolerated. If you sign up and fill your profile with junk you will be banned permanently.

Shenanigans are afoot! Who do I contact?

If you believe someone has posted content that shouldn't be on Script Revolution or behaving in a way that's unacceptable, and you are a logged in member, you can use the abuse reporting tools found next to script listings, on script profile pages, and on user profile pages. Otherwise feel free to contact me by clicking here and let's try to sort it out.

I didn't get an email I was expecting

Check your spam filter for any emails you may have missed from Script Revolution.

Why are scripts listed randomly?

In the interest of fairness, scripts are listed randomly so every writer gets a similar level of exposure per script. Being able to buy your way to the top of listings feels good for those who can afford it but it's woefully unfair on those who can't. Ordering scripts by date submitted may sound better but will only result in some people constantly resubmitting scripts to appear fresh. Ordering by number of views tends to just result in the most viewed scripts getting disproportionately more views which only reinforces their standing. Script Revolution works on the principle of detailed data and viewers being able to utilise that data to refine their search.

Which social media links can I add to my profile?

You can add a website link and links to your profiles on IMDB, Stage 32, The Black List, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, and Hiive. Emails are not publicly shown as to avoid members being sent spam. You can add and edit these by clicking on "My Profile" and looking for the Edit tab at the top of the page. Click the "Edit" tab and scroll down the page to find the social links entries. You will also find a personal contact form option, leaving this switched on allows people to send you emails without exposing your email address publicly.

How do I bookmark scripts, mark them as read, or save them to my favorites?

You can only do this if you are registered and logged in. Next to all other member's scripts you will find these icons . Clicking on the bookmark icon will add a script to your My Bookmarks page which can be found in the top menu. You can also mark a script as read or a favorite for your own records by clicking on the eye or the heart. This is all private and does not affect listings in any way. Not only should this make managing your own reading lists easier, the long term intention is to use the data to create recommendations for all users.

How can I get in contact with another member?

If you have read a script you enjoy and wish to contact the writer to discuss optioning or purchasing it then the best way to go about this is to reference the cover page of the script for the writer's contact details. In addition to this, Script Revolution has a private messaging system available to all registered members.

Can I follow a writer?

You sure can, but you must sign up to do this. Once logged in you'll see you have a "Writers I Follow" link in the header. This page will show a stream of activity from any writers you're following. To add writers to this, visit a writer's bio and look for the "Follow This Writer" button by their social media links.

Do writers know I'm downloading their material?

Yes. When you download a script, an email is sent to the writer informing them who has downloaded it. They are reminded that this doesn't mean you have read their material, that it is not an invitation to contact you, or permission to solicit further reads from you. They are strongly warned that pestering readers will result in a lifetime ban.

How do I add my scripts?

First you'll need to register and make sure you are logged in. You should see a link in the header menu that reads "Add a Script". Click on that link and you will get the add a script form. Some fields are mandatory and some have a limited number of values that can be added to reduce spam.

How do I edit or delete my script listings?

While logged in, all your scripts should show an Edit and Delete button whenever you see them within listings. The easiest way to see a list of your scripts is to click on My Profile & Scripts in the header menu. You can change the details in the form that appears and scroll to the bottom submit the new details or delete the script from the database.

Can I see any statistics?

All members recieve email notifications for any downloads, favorites, and new followers while Rockstar Members also have access to a dedicated statistics page showing all activity logged on their scripts.

Why do scripts have a feature image?

Feature images are option for scripts and give you the opportunity to add a poster image to the top of your script listing. A picture says a thousand words and this is an excellent opportunity to set the tone of your material. Scripts of an exceptionally high standard are featured on the Poster Wall. To create your own poster images for free, you can try using Canva which some members have found does a good job.

How do I edit my profile?

While logged in, click "My Profile & Scripts" in the header menu. You should see your profile. Click the "Edit" tab below your name to edit your details.

How do I share a link to my profile page?

While logged in, click "My Profile & Scripts" in the header menu. This is your public profile page. The url in your browser should read "". You can share this link wherever you wish and viewers will see your bio and uploaded scripts regardless of if they are registered or logged into Script Revolution.

Can I add awards as metadata?

It is possible to add awards to scripts, however you must request for this to be done and provide sufficient evidence to prove the award has been issued. You can do this by emailing me via Please note; the only awards accepted are those for the Academy Nicholl screenwriting competition, the Austin Film Festival Screenplay and Teleplay competition, and the Stage 32 Annual Writing Contests. No other awards are accepted.

Once an award is added to a script it will be found when users ultilise the awards options on the script search page. Scripts with awards also feature a small trophy symbol whenever shown within listings.

How do get my script featured on the front page or Featured Scripts page?

Scripts featured on the Featured Scripts page are pulled from the database based on a few criteria. Firstly, only scripts with a poster image rated high enough quality are eligable. Secondly, a script has to have been favorited by at least two readers or have a prestigious award confirmed for it or have been featured by Shootin' The Shorts. Material uploaded by Rockstar Patreon Supporters is shown first.

The front page featured section only displays feature length material upoaded by Rockstar Patreon Supporters. Firstly, only scripts with a poster image rated high enough quality and images rated highest are shown first. Secondly, a script has to have been favorited by at least three readers or have a prestigious award confirmed for it or have been featured by Shootin' The Shorts.

What is Shootin' The Shorts?

Shootin' The Shorts is a project that started a few years ago and has now become part of Script Revolution. A small team of dedicated readers regularly read short scripts that have been submitted to them and pick out the ones they feel standout and must be showcased to filmmakers. To do this, they write a positive review on what they feel makes that script special and post that on the Shootin' The Shorts feed. Since Shootin' The Shorts is now part of Script Revolution, scripts can be pulled directly from the database and the reviews able to link back to script detail and writer bio pages.

Does being featured on Shootin' The Shorts affect a script's listing?

No. There is no preferential treatment given to scripts featured on Shootin' The Shorts and they remain sorted randomly within the script listings. However, these scripts will make it into the Feature Scripts section if a high quality poster image is supplied and, on a featured script's details page, a copy of the Shootin' The Shorts review is shown.

How do I submit a short script to Shootin' The Shorts?

This couldn't be easier. Firstly, you need to have your script uploaded to Script Revolution. Once that's done, go to your script edit page, scroll to the bottom, and check the "Submit To Shootin' The Shorts" checkbox. This will add your short script to the Shootin' The Shorts read pile. Please give the readers plenty of time to consider your submission and note; only short scripts where a pdf file has been uploaded are accepted and all other submissions are automatically filtered out of the read pile.

Will Any Shootin' The Shorts Reviews Appear On My Script's Page?

You bet your little cotton socks they will. All Shootin' The Shorts reviews show up on the relevent script pages to help their chances of getting optioned.

My short script didn't get featured on Shootin' The Shorts, do I suck?

No, not at all. Scripts featured on Shootin' The Shorts are only those that align with that reader group at the time of submission. Alignment between writers and readers is always subjective. The important thing is not be disheartened and move on looking for other opportunities.

Will my script listing and/or profile appear on Google?

Yes, Script Revolution regularly submits all its content to Google automatically including script listings and user profiles. This is to maximise exposure for members, particularly those who don't have their own website.

What's with the crazy options in the filter lists?

I've gotten all the filter terms from various open sources on the net. I feel that's the fairest way. Don't judge me and no, I don't know what some of those subcultures actually are.

The listings aren't random every time I refresh, what gives?

A new seed is generated for every person using the search scripts listing each hour. For that hour you will see the results for your search in the same order. This is so pagination works without re-ordering the results every time someone clicks the next page of results. What you see on your screen is not the same order as another user sees at the same time.

How can I improve my chances of getting exposure on Script Revolution?

The best place to start, and I'm sorry if this sounds a little corny, is with having a great story concepts and great loglines. That's what readers are exposed to more than anything else on Script Revolution. In addition to that, it's essential to make sure you have tagged your scripts with all the appropriate tags. You don't want to miss out on any of those specific searches readers make where your material applies. Then there's having a high impact feature image and synopsis that really sell your script. It's also worth noting that the members section orders by number of uploaded scripts descending, so being a prolific writer can pay off here. Ultimately though, the best attitude to have is one of maximising exposure. Have you completed your bio? Have you uploaded a decent headshot? Are you coming across as professional? This is what really matters.

I've got a suggestion for the search filters, will you add it?

Maybe, I can certainly take a look and consider it. Send me your idea via

Can I hide a script listing?

Yes, in the revisions section when editing a script listing, you can set the script so it is unpublished and only you can see it. You can also set a script status as a sample of work, optioned, sold, which will mean it shows in fewer lists.

How do I add my mini-bible to my TV Pilot listing?

Either attach your mini-bible to the end of your pilot PDF by combining them via a pdf editing tool or wait for a interested party to contact you requesting it.

How can I support Script Revolution?

The best way to support Script Revolution is to spread the good word. The more writers and more filmmakers using the site the better. Some neat ways you can support Script Revolution include;

  • Following the Script Revolution Twitter account, sharing any tweets, and mentioning the site.
  • Liking the Script Revolution Facebook Page and sharing any updates.
  • Sharing potential readers a link to your script on Script Revolution - this way they get to see all your loglines too.
  • Putting your Script Revolution profile page link on your various web bios - which a great way to drive people to your scripts.
  • Letting me know of any success stories by contacting me so I can make a right old fuss about it (and hopefully get the writer more exposure).

You can also support Script Revolution financially by pledging $5 per month or $50 per year by becoming a Rockstar member.

What are the benefits of becoming a Rockstar member?

Besides the all round good feeling of helping keep Script Revolution going and being one of the 2% of members who go the extra mile, benefits of becoming a Rockstar member include;

  • Rockstar status mentioned next to your script listings.
  • A shoutout in the monthly newsletter with link to your profile.
  • Credited Rockstar status on the Script Revolution web site.
  • Ability to access your statistics page.
  • Eligability to for your scripts to appear on the front page (subject to poster quality and user favourites).
  • Priority listing for any of your scripts that make it into the Featured Scripts Section.
  • All your script listings included in the Rockstar Scripts Hot List.
  • Access to polls regarding Script Revolution development decisions.
  • Updates on what's happening behind the scenes.
  • VIP invites to FREE seminars with industry members.
  • 10% off all Script Revolution merchandise.

To learn more about becomming a Rockstar member, click here. The support genuinely makes a huge difference.

How can Script Revolution afford to host all these scripts when other websites charge up to $30 per-script per-month?

Here's the thing, and it's something I've been trying to tell people for a long time. The reason why script hosting websites are often expensive is simply because they can get away with being expensive. They pinky promise that they have the best, most valuable, audience out there while being accountable for nothing. Writers submit their scripts in good faith and walk away disheartened that their material must suck when they don't get a bite. One in thousands get a result and that's supposed to qualify the whole service as worthwhile. Yes, some websites offer some additional ways to get exposure but you are paying an additional charge for that. Yes, some websites have to cover their development, marketing, and staff costs but they chose to speculate that capital. The fact is, a lot of writers have been paying a hell of a lot for very little and a few people have been getting stinking rich off their determination. For too long paid directories have been trading on writer's hopes rather than the directory's results. It's time to take back control and balance things out.

Someone's approached me with an offer, should I take it?

This is almost impossible to answer without context as every writer's situation and aspirations vary. However, as a general guide, you should consider reading my article A Screenwriter’s Basic Guide to Analysing Early Offers to help make your decision. 

I got blocked soon after signing up - why?

New accounts that ignore instructions asking members to fill out their bio in a professional manner are banned as soon as possible. Script Revolution is for people who either aspire to work within the industry or already do so.

How do I delete my account?

Make sure you're logged in, go to your "My Profile & Scripts" page, click the edit tap at the top of the page, and scroll to the bottom of the form that appears. Here you should find a "Cancel Account" button. Clicking on this will start the process of deleting your account. Please note; all your content will be removed if you do this and cannot be reinstated.