A different take on the "live-die-reset" story line. | Script Revolution

A different take on the "live-die-reset" story line.

What I Loved: 

The woman filling the man in on what she did each time after the man's untimely demise. The reveal was original. The different eras. The scenes seems surreal enough to indicate a series of fantasy lives. The placement of the first date, that put it all in motion was such one could think it was "a bad trip."

What I'd Love To See: 

More about the other lives. I can see where it could make a movie or a series. Maybe some showing what actually happened to Olivia and then have her tell her take on things. I'm not sure if the story would work better if the actual first date was at the beginning or near the end. I could also see it as a type of video game. It could be the first "date video".


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It was a fun read.  You're right it really was a differnt "Ground Hog Day" story. 

A couple of minors: 

"Fare" would be as in the price of something.  "Fair" is the correct word in the sence of the right thing to do.

In one instance where he died you had for the next scene - "Later" in the heading.  That seems superfluous since they are in a different time and place.


I enjoyed the read.