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Alien V - Legacy. Reboot? Or Might of been?

What I Loved: 

This idea 'is' or was (present tense accepted) very bold also maybe even fool-hardy subjecting to the highest
absolute fiction of all. We actually know from Alien 3 - Covenant that the timeline is already there,
so taking that into consideration all of the way the franchise plays along is constantly in mind first.
The basis of your story was related to 'Aliens', depicting a new angle on logistics, characters and detail.
That was good. But the sixty four thousand dollar question, would it work past Alien 3 as a better script?
Which, let's face it would've been difficult to option with regards to time. I think Alien 3 was a better
crafted story and directed really well by "Fincher" on a budget. In the movie the acting was great and
more realistic to environment. But overall your script wasn't bogged down in set-pieces and told well
relating to previous encounters.

So I'm kind of at a loose end, what else to think.. I enjoyed it. But why?

What I'd Love To See: 

If this part is tricky that's because I couldn't generally add or for that matter take anything away.
Probably in hindsight you could've made the banks of action less bulky by spacing and maybe more dialogue
entries. Here's something, ask for permission to write another one, and we'll do lunch one day.

Write some original material, it could happen.