Callan Island. From what mad men do with time and a place to stay. | Script Revolution

Callan Island. From what mad men do with time and a place to stay.

What I Loved: 

This script consisted of escalation and inevitable energy snowballing from a contemporary start and middle. In terms of dialogue, the bad guys "Callan" and "Wolff" had the best lines, a lot of the time this is needed to develop the ongoing story, which was intriguing along the lines of a general, 'what next?' situation.

The house was scary which was well depicted in reference to detail also the island which was thoughtful enough as a location for imagination. It was actually a better story than a film that was made about an 'island' in which people were taken there to escape, in a similar context, that does now actually now remind me of this.
(Cannot remember title, starring Charlize Theron and Vinnie Jones)

The items with evidence were well put with the dialogue from "Elizabeth" finding out the back-story to the plot, as explanation in which we read, this was a massive lift to make a reader hang on, and take stock in the group.
And in mind of length I think it 'hit the spot' for all of the above information, and was, to me, enjoyable.

What I'd Love To See: 

In constructive criticism I'd suggest just making your second half maybe in a "new story" more connected to timing
rather than going on in a direction for speed and outcome, which can be managed easily if any story has a sub-plot,
directing other characters. The story is done now, but if any advice is warranted as your experience grows obviously
is do the basics well and make more speaking prevalent to reality. A thicker bank of talking from a lead would be
great for you in continuing I feel.