Death Swap. Would you run at the drop of a hat? | Script Revolution

Death Swap. Would you run at the drop of a hat?

What I Loved: 

The script is great, with loads of variable format easily transferable
for more drafts either with optioning or rewrites for production.

I'd say too the characters coerce through the awesome start engaging
the reader/viewer completely through the plot, in the "same situation"
style of writing you've done, tried and tested, all plus points.
Exceptionally 'locations' are few which a producer might dwell on
if considered, of course, all contributing factors.

There's a line I like to use and quote finding my own writing as a
golden rule..."Actors want everything from nothing, not nothing from everything"
This holds up well with this project that I'd like to see made into fruition.

What I'd Love To See: 

Funnily enough I'm not a horror fan and found it gut-wrenching, but
obviously readable for my age. More so would it be for demographic
that the leads and villain provide in dialogue relating to specific
genre. More would've been absolutely gripping and story about the
board-game we see the four play out, heartbreaking so, so far.
Well done though for effort and entertainment.