Flytrap. A horror of great proportion. | Script Revolution

Flytrap. A horror of great proportion.

What I Loved: 

Firstly I kind of knew it was going to be good read with an 'elemental hunch' as some
scripts and formats sit confidently on the page layout. And reading on, it was.
Without spoiling the beginning, I'd like to say it was a shock, so thank's for that. Gross! (sigh)
Issues were nicely broadened as the story progressed and quickly dived into the action. Other
stories sometimes on 'Script Revolution' here I've read amble or generate late procedures in
panic and detail, but yours were not and utilized completely from the start.
Smartly adapted and great timing, so well done.

There were no errors found which is difficult to sometimes adhere to in the
editing stages, so again, overall a commendable situation with actions and dialogue.
Wholly, great writing. And I would like to see more.

What I'd Love To See: 

Another situation of "suspense - horror" genre would be great for establishing
what you're trying to achieve, continuing form with snappy and easy reading.
You might well catch somebodies eye that might provide a door into the correct
lines of contact with these scripts. So don't stop, please.

Space travel or extra terrestrial worlds I can imagine you'd be really good
at, and in vein of what's been picked up by the 'movie industry' of late
I see a hole in the market. Alien's and Predator's dominate of course, but
a fresh outlook from ambition to do well and maybe even succeed, it has to
be original. You can do that, I'm sure.