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Just one TINY idea for the ending

What I Loved: 

Mary - I positively dig the tension and subthemes on Gone. Abuse by parents is a topic handled in many other films... but regardless, this one's done well. In the right directorial hands - and with terrific acting talent - Gone could be a festival favorite. I just urge you to consider one VERY organic idea for the end...

What I'd Love To See: 

As Louie walks off into the night, it would be an absolute GUT PUNCH - and a terrific call back - for him to yell out for his lost dog: "Lady - I'm comin', where are you now?" Holds out the bread: "We're gonna go travelin'. And I gots something for us both to eat!" (Or dialogue along those lines.) :)

Great work here! :)


Mary Goldman's picture

Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review Gone. I really like your idea and am going to incorporate it in the ending! Thanks again for the feedback, J.E.