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Really enjoyable take on the Alien franchise

What I Loved: 

I really enjoyed this screenplay. The tone fits perfectly with the existing Alien franchise, and ties in a very satisfying way with the subsequent entry. The pace ratchets up consistently and then maintains a strong clip right until the end. The characters are well developed, sympathetic, and don't sacrifice depth or interest in the name of action thrills etc.
I wish you the very best of luck in getting this picked up - for what it's worth I certainly think it deserves some serious attention.

What I'd Love To See: 

Nothing more, really - I thought this was an expert, well-written and immensely enjoyable script.
The form demands that I write at least twenty five words before it'll accept the submission, hence this sentence.
Best of luck with your projects, and thanks for sharing this script with the Script Revolution community, it was a great read.


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Hi Alistair...

Thank you so much for those kind comments. While the script probably won't get made, it was a fun passion project and a good example of our writing and storytelling prowess. It'll always be in our hip pocket.