The Clock Strikes 12. Horror in the burbs, from superstition. | Script Revolution

The Clock Strikes 12. Horror in the burbs, from superstition.

What I Loved: 

You had written "Marcus" as the strongest character which was probably intentional, that was good.
The final curse goes to him at the end at the last page of 120. I won't spoil the end but it was expected
and found myself shouting out at my computer, this would happen, which is always a good hook.

Each had lines also that made me want to keep reading and would say the same things for development
of the story, I found that funny. The party situation was well thought out and made the 3/4 part
easy to bare which always should be done as an entertainment process, the gauge of continuity enhancement.

And finally the length was generally spot on in terms of genre and what other readers look for.
The superstition of these stories were priority that was managed well. Very enjoyable.

What I'd Love To See: 

The sides to the format needed to be better e.g spaces filled, character continuation,
and punctuation, as I counted 35+ errors on reading which made me stop to readjust.
More concentration and forethought would've been advantageous.
This is easily remedied with a bit of research and good writing program used for another
time. In essence the subject matter would benefit 'next time' a sub-plot for understanding
elements and of course reading other scripts to hone your own for quality purposes.
I would recommend that also more dialogue be used with leads.