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The Rat Pit. A steampunk feature

What I Loved: 

I, in fact went slow into reading but found myself then picking up speed further along
as the script was unorthodox in format, but rolled quite well. Even still, getting the
simplicity and craft of this story was really easy to comprehend and understand too.
The descriptions of the places were well thought out also for imagining what
time frame this was set in as the concept was told generally as an old contemporary
aged affair. Also the balance of the lead characters were all written well,
so hats off for that. This script had steampunk style and good for ease of reading.

What I'd Love To See: 

You had used dollars as monetary information so for a while I thought this was
set in America and a bit confusing but realized when Baker st. was depicted
it was set maybe in London (UK) hence the foggy atmosphere. So I then got.
The format was easy for reading but probably not comprehensive enough maybe
for any kind of optioning, so I'd recommend a better script writing program.
Maybe more cohesion with distance for the characters would of been more advantageous
in plot and maybe even a longer draft for the feeling of the whole idea.

Enjoyable though, read it was. Thanks.