The Sixth Bullet. Romp for justice. | Script Revolution

The Sixth Bullet. Romp for justice.

What I Loved: 

In the situation was always present and didn't detract from the bulks of action that
were prominent that you adhered to writing. With regard to the length showing 75 pages
I was expecting more story when Diana had looked like finishing her job. This a link to
the end that was abrupt and I didn't expect. The ride was quick and exhilarating for
the fall in page numbers, but I did generally like the creation, and tale.
Agent X was unexpected and held the reasons behind the plot involving the 'old crew'
she was up against. A strong feminine role it was, indeed.

The envelope was pushed about decisively and thought provoking as well with the lake
scene, the kitchen and in the presence of 'Smith' always. so, congratulations.

What I'd Love To See: 

Maybe longer would of been better but this entry now ticks the boxes of pilot
rather than feature if you see what I mean. If you were to write a continuation
of the story or even back story with Diana it would be a snappy sharp piece I think.

The depiction was great, really good, and yes, I think more along the lines of
"what next?" for a smashing character you could maybe provide, to add.
She seems to have a lot of depth and gratis accompanied with the story line,
and productively 'lines', of course. More from the leads would be a splendid job too.