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The Truth

What I Loved: 

Have you ever given your missing socks a second thought? I mean, really thought about them? Mourned them? Or are you another fickle human using one sock's tragedy as an excuse for a quick fix of sock shopping? I thought so, you callous person. Maybe laundry-day TRUTH will make you think twice. This is where the clothes come clean and tell you like it is. So, more respect on wash day please. And make sure those tide pens are always full.

It's SO original. I absolutely love this story and I hope somebody picks it up. Possible sequel, Sock Revenge?

What I'd Love To See: 

It's perfect as it is. The only thing is, the opening two lines seem to be duplicated. If not, then I didn't quite get it, but that's down to me. However, it's an easy fix. A bit of editing. End on the final transition, too (I suggest). FADE OUT. It looks neater and more professional. But don't change what you're doing. This writing is fab!