Vampires Of Hungary. A tale of woe for Europe. | Script Revolution

Vampires Of Hungary. A tale of woe for Europe.

What I Loved: 

The character of the knights were 'good' in as much as expected, which were the second
driving force of this plot. The story basis was omnipresent and collated a lot of standard
issues with your vampires and half-breeds, encapsulating a story told by research foremost, it seemed.
It, I'd say, is difficult to craft this movie genre and even maybe produce a feature because of
lavish writing, and depth of tradition that's been told through the ages and in all different
variations, yours too. So, I was wanting to see maybe a bit of blood and that's basically what
I got. Good. The language seemingly transferred very rigidly and maybe even a bit "steampunk-ish"
which added not detracted from this script. Another thing, it didn't take me very long to get through
as indeed maybe others do, because let's face it 'they're vampires' and we all know 'what they're like'. Not.

What I'd Love To See: 

Just a bit more polish and editing would've been great, the knights were on point and
maybe not teamed in spirit enough but only in standards of age and realm, so the next
one you might elude too could be magnificent. Your choice to write obviously.

A second story, if I may explain myself would really fit into a feature script resume for sure.
That is what you should be probably focused on with broadening your horizon's and originally
using new ideas, maybe never told before. Another quick thing, if the research is good, that
makes the job more easier and enjoyable to write. So, well done.