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What lies beyond? Should we fear death?

What I Loved: 

Real nice and complete analysis of the afterlife. What lies beyond?

It's always something we think about, hope and fear clashing in our collective mind.
Should we fear death? Is death really the answer to end one’s ordeal? Is there something else out there other than we see, or is it just ashes to ashes, dust to dust inside a coffin?

Can there possibly be even more life in the afterlife?
Oh, there is! And CEASE surely makes you believe so! And it’s an epic life, with battles and sword duels.

People that chose not to live, from all walks of life and even from different eras of humanity, have to work their differences and learn how to work together in a fight against evil, in order to finally reach eternal peace, or else being thrown into the hot cauldron of damnation.

More than fighting for survival, for survival is something they already failed, people in this purgatory struggle for their souls, in an attempt to find the reasons for living they lack in life, and the choices they make, the choices we all make.

Suffering does not end when one takes his/her own life, pain does not simply go away, the fights continue, there’s no escape. Situations and characters really relate to us, and how we have to find the strength to go on, here and in the beyond.

Excellent work, congratulations to the author.

What I'd Love To See: 

I believe that the episodes should follow the same structure of the pilot, with more emphasis to how characters interact with each other on both sides, hunters and defenders.
The fact the characters come from different times and eras of humanity is a great idea. It should be explored more in the episodes.