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Feed back on a Christmas feature

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Feed back on a Christmas feature

Hi everyone - I'm looking for constructive feedback on a Christmas script I'm currently writing.

Any notes or suggestions are more than welcome. Let me know what works but most importantly "What Doesn't"

This isn't the run of the mill, annoying - "All you need to do is believe" style Christmas - those are s#it!

this one is much more fun, realistic and could be true :)


Feature, Animated, Comedy. 98 pages.

Log line:

When an ambitious reporter stumbles into a clandestine Christmas factory behind on toy making, she struggles to help the factory meet its Christmas deadline, while also trying to get the scoop on its missing Santa.

Tag Line:

What if Santa wasn't who you thought he was?


Hit me up here or send me an email and I'll happily shoot it over to you.


Thanks Hive-mind!