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'Grow' Short-Script Feedback

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'Grow' Short-Script Feedback

I have written this script for a short drama and I would really appreciate some feedback and critique. 

Jacob obsesses over plants as a result of his parents’ death, but when he stumbles into a thoughtful young lady named Emma, his life takes a turn towards happiness.

Please find the script here. (Opens in Google Drive) 

If anyone are interested, I have also got a pitch deck that will help you understand the visual style. Find it here. (Opens in Google Drive)


Thank you!

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Pretty consistent and charming. Nice touch with the baby plants as you round it up. I notice that you have a visual style planned, which I didn’t have a look at. The style in the script isn’t realistic, but comic book like, so that would be the first thing I’d tweak a bit - make sure that this is clear from the beginning. Then you’re probably exactly where you want to be. It does have a pleasant, careless feel, so good job.