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just banged out a synopsis

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just banged out a synopsis

Hey guys

I've had this script around me for years but I just banged out a new synopsis was wondering what y'all think. I honestly haven't tried to do a synopsis on anything for a while, definitely was fun and I want to get better at this. 

Script is Everyone Loves Jack 

Because Jack is so anxious to understand love he falls into a sexual relationship with Beth, who is practically like a mother to him. But due to Jack's knowledge of the kama sutra, Beth quickly becomes infatuated with him, complicating Jack's relationships with Alex, Beth's son, and Allen, Beth's husband. 

As Alex heads off to college, Jack begins to work for Allen, but Beth declares to her husband that she is going to leave him because she met another man, leaving Jack in the middle of the situation. Now depressed, Allen let's the liquor take him over and decides to pursue violence toward the man who took away his wife. 

He soon finds out the man is Jack, but instead of killing him he falls for Jack's mystical yet absurd attraction{84}. By the end, Jack decides he must love one person, and oner person only, himself.



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Sounds juicy.  R rated?


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Think Disney cartoon, but for Adults *WINKface*

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Try rewriting it with only Beth and Jack named. It can be really hard to follow a synopsis when you're working with lots of names.