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Logline: A journey of evolution through an organic sticker-world, hidden within the streets of London.

My initial script for this did get the go ahead for a BBC commission which was great but I was unable to continue the project at the time due to health and medication issues.

However recently I've jumped back into the script, and I've done what they told me to do to the original script which was cut down all the description and make it read faster like a standard script.

Now I need to cut it down by at least a 3rd. I need a significant amount cut to make the project more achievable (my aim is to either apply for the BBC scheme again when it comes around, or put the project on kickstarter once I've started animating it).

Here is the script so far.

The animation process will be like thisthis, and this (password: filmfest)

I need the animation to be at most 3 minutes long, not including video footage of sticking the stickers.

I really need to cut it down and/or simplify everything I want everything to be clear and not too complicated, that was the general advice I was getting from one of the BBC people, simplify and cut down the story.

If anyone can suggest what they think could be cut or changed, anything that stands out would be great.

Also I'd love to know what message you got from the script?

Also if anyones interested in reading the original script that has more description, and got me the BBC commission, you can have a look here.

Thanks so much to anyone that reads/helps. All the best, Theo.