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Songs from my second animated musical screenplay

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Songs from my second animated musical screenplay

Hi All,

After a little over a year and 12 drafts of the script, composer Jeffrey Gage and I have completed the screenplay for our second animated musical, SHOWGHOSTS! We recorded the musical numbers to link with the script, however re-writes on the script necessitated we cut some of the characters; which resulted in most of the songs needing new lyrics and re-recording. Thanks to some very talented friends, we completed the 6 song demos (twice) and I am posting them here for you to check out. Lemme know what you think!

SHOWGHOSTS song demos

Here is the logline, and short descriptions of the scenes that revolve around the songs. 

SHOWGHOSTS: A troupe of deceased performers, who haunt an old London theater, enlist the help of a boy and his grandpa to put on a benefit show to save their home from the wrecking ball.

Vocals: Nicole Burns, Becky Bass, Cameron Levesque, Carolyn Cardella, Jeffrey Gage, Jerry Robbins. The screenplay is for sale on Inktip.
Song descriptions:
GIMME THE CROWD - The ghosts, alone in the theatre, long for their glory days.

BETTER THAN DEAD - The ghost of Viola Abbott explains to Ben, a mortal, why they need his help to save their theatre.

SOMEONE I KNEW - The ghost of Gwen Oberon helps Ben's Grandpa remember a sorrowful night at the theater from 50 years before.

MORE THAN A SHADOW- fourteen year old Ben Butler feels he's a failure in the school play. One minute he is brilliant, tossing off flawless Shakespeare - and the next moment he can barely get a sentence out. What he doesn't realize is that one of the "departed" Showghosts, the legendary Sir Ivan Frothmire, has been assisting him with some ghostly "power of suggestion" in the rehearsals. On this occasion, Frothmire is absent, and Ben is a disaster. His leading lady can't take it anymore, calls him weird, and storms out of the auditorium.

IT HAPPENS ON THE STAGE - It's opening night and the ghosts play to a sold out house with this song that celebrates their work on the stage.

SHOWGHOSTS - The finale of the review by the ghosts of the Epoch Theatre.

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Awesome, and very professional.  I can't begin to contemplate the creativity and effort that goes into generating music for film, but then I never conquered any musical instrument despite trying many times.  Film scores seem challenging enough, but to add words that move the story along, too?!  To me, writing the story seems simple, but then I guess without it there can't be the music and, to a degree vice versa, when you think of how many films we've enjoyed for which our first thought is "and the music/score was awesome!"  Good luck with it!

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Thanks so much! Glad you liked them!