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Till The End of Time (Feedback)


I have recently completed a very early draft of my new screenplay. It is very early on into development, and I'm wanting to get feedback on a few elements of my screenplay. But first, here is the general logline:

A space traveler only going by the name, "The Observer," gets sucked into a wormhole, and soon finds himself watching the universe from birth to death. In this slow burn story, The Observer sees many events that shape the past, present, and future of the universe and Earth.

As for the elements I want feedback for, I would like to know about:

1. How do you think the philosophy was handled? Too in your face? Too vague?

2. What should be added or taken away in the script.

3. Your feedback on the two main monologues: The Orator and the final monologue from The Observer

Thank you for your time.