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I found a script to produce on SR!

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I found a script to produce on SR!

I've been here for a bit, even had one of my scripts on STS. I've been writing (although mostly working on expanding one short into a feature) mostly, but haven't made any films since 2015. You can actually read the script AND see the film HerePromise Me made its world premiere at the Austin Film Festival and played in about 75 more festivals around the world. 

However, I haven't done anything since then.. I was in grad school for part of that time, then I started a new job right before COVID hit, and here we are. I got the itch to actually make another film, but didn't want to start something new, so I turned to SR. I knew I was looking for a small cast with minimal locations. I didn't want to put a ton of money into it, but was still hoping to find it. AND I DID! Cueball and Ricky written by Mary Goldman is tentatively scheduled to start shooting in March or April of 2021. 


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Stories like these are so encouraging for both filmmakers and writers! Congrats, Kevin, to you, the writers and everyone involved! 

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Awesome possum!

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So privileged to have you here on Script Revolution, Kevin. You've been here pretty much since the start and been so pro-active. I makes me very happy to see you having some successes. 

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Good stuff, Kevin. Best of luck with it!