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David:  "...Not sure what script facilitation means in the industry. ..."

But it shows up on their IMDB page, rather than the big blank IMDB profile that most of us have. 

I came across a Derek Estlin Purvis with a project in development on IMDB called "Political Party" that's in the "Script" stage.  I've always wondered why this type of project is on IMDB (ie. no talent or financing attached or links to other producers).  It especially annoys me when rather large distributors and sales agents - whom you'd expect would only get involved in a project later on - have "Script stage" items on their IMDB.  Sometimes lots of them.  It would be nice to get Lakeshore Entertainment listed as our sales agent for our drafted screenplays, eh, so that we could put it up on our IMDB profile! 

So, something else must be going on, such that IMDB lets these individuals and companies list projects that are in the "Script" stage, even as most of them won't entertain a submission let alone a pitch.  Maybe it's because they're incorporated, or have existing completed credits linked to somebody bigger such as a producer or studio.

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For what it's worth, Script Revolution is listed on IMDb as a company involved in script facilitation for numerous projects that have gone into action as a result of the scripts being found here. It was a third party who starting doing that.

Providing you have an IMDb Pro account, you can pretty much create what you want on there, even on other people's profiles and projects. Nothing stopping a writer listing all their scripts. Plenty of producers list projects that are little more than an idea so they appear busy and successful.

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Wow - I had no idea that you could add your un-optioned scripts there. Definitely will check it out to see if it is worth it.

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Keeping your un-optioned projects and unwritten scripts advertised on multiple sites could become a fulltime job...Or as one UK writer described it, "a huge time suck." While I most certainly don't want to be overlooked or forgotten in this cyber-shuffle, I am curious which ONE site, if such a thing exists, gives the greatest returns, hits, read requests and options?

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Not sure there is "one site".

This site is great because of its search functionality and it's ever-increasing size and visibility.  Not to mention the price (free if you want, $5 if you want to contribute).

Simply Scripts has been a great resource for me - about half of my short options have come from there.

Coverfly is great for me in terms of features - it is where I have gotten the most feature requests. However, it is highly contest dependent. You get great visibility on your your scripts if they have done well in contests as they keep a perpetual ranking - probably not valuable for folks who don't enter contests.