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2023 Accountability Ask

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2023 Accountability Ask

I'm posting here my goals for screenwriting for 2023. If anyone takes the time to review, I'd welcome a periodic check-in / prod to do nothing more than make me accountable for my own work. In return, I'd be willing to do the same for you and serve as cheerleader, coach, sounding board and recipient of rants and riffs.

1. Write and market at least 5 new shorts

2. Write and market at least 1 new feature

3. Post at least once a week on my social media platforms

4. Get at least 30 patrons to my Patreon and help others with their writing

5. Publish at least 4 more blogs.

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Wow. It's already 2023.

My list is short. I'm finishing up the details, such as pitch decks, and pitching two feature scripts this year,

I'm also going to catch up on a lot of reading, including SR scripts that I've had my eye on for too long. If anyone wants their scripts prioritized, send me a message, and I'll see what I can do.


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Being honest about it, my only goal is to find faith and keep going. 

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You guys are great, my goal - to which I'm not yet fully committed is 'get my shit together'.

...Still working out the plusses and minuses. Once I've finished this 'Man From Atlantis' box set...