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Looking for 1950's Sci-fi Screenplays

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Looking for 1950's Sci-fi Screenplays

Hey Fellow Scribes!

I'm looking for some classic 1950's sci-fi screenplays. Think "The Blob" etc. A monster creature terrorizes a town. Please guide me to websites, links or the actual screenplay itself. It's a research project that is time-sensitive, so I thought I'd enlist the best of the best. Any and all leads, links and info appreciated.


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I'm going to take a guess, because it's something I noticed when I first tried to search for scripts to read. Google automatically translates and assumes that "script" is an abbreviation for "transcript," which of course is useless. I've since learned to get useful results, "title or genre + year or decade + screenplay + PDF." Minus the quotation marks and plus signs.

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The script lab? And here you can find unproduced screenplays: https://www.simplyscripts.com/movie-scripts.html 

I love The Blob btw. I totally forgot about those old monster movies. Need to write one.