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Matter of number of screenplays

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Matter of number of screenplays

Does it really matter how many screenplays that we write, my answer is no. You can be the best but you still have learning to do and best things I can people it's not about making money, it's about exploring your creativity.

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In my book (always plugging my book), I talk about upward spirals where a creative creates something and the subsequent reward for that creation motivates them to create more, resulting in an even bigger reward and even more motivation. You get people raving about prolific writers like Stephen King but then, since Carrie, King has been incredibly well rewarded for his efforts in terms of popularity, money, and critical acclaim. He tried to make one movie, Maximum Overdrive, got panned, blamed it on too much coke, and never tried again. He doesn't even mention that part of his life in his book.

BTW, I freaking love Maximum Overdrive.

Those motived by pure exploration and expression are going to find they create more energy than they use and that's an enviable place to be maybe. However, for most, they are going to ask themselves where the fruits of their labour are after a certain amount of effort.

Every time I've been close to giving up, it's been because of a lack of validation and monetary reward. This time ten years ago, I was ready to pack it all in after my Black List experience, but then Amazon gave one of my scripts notable project status. I wrote like crazy after that and rode on the validation for years.