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Please Help Me Decide on My Next Script

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Please Help Me Decide on My Next Script

Hello All. I wanted to ask a favor. I'm trying to decide what to write next. It will be a low-budget horror feature I could conceivably make myself. So, if it pleases everyone, I'm posting five loglines below to see what resonates the most out of what I think are my best ideas. Feel free to comment, on the idea or the logline itself, but what I'm really going to count is whichever logline number you respond with. The idea with the most votes is what I'm looking for. I'm collecting data from a few sources, this group is only a segment. Thanks for your participation.


1. "An ex-heroin addict falls off the wagon after moving to an abandoned building with his ex-girlfriend and her transient friends, only to see these new friends get picked off one by one by a vampire squatting on the floor above." A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night meets Trainspotting


 2: "Two dysfunctional couples rent a summer house and must get over their emotional baggage with each other, or be possessed by the ghosts of the death cult that haunt the house hoping to reenact their bloody suicide pact." Who’s afraid of Virginia Wolfe meets H.P. Lovecraft


3: "A newly divorced sheriff issues a foreclosure of an abandoned house with reanimated corpses in the basement, then must protect his wife and daughter when they show up for visitation as the dead escape and threaten the outlying farmland."  Fargo meets Maggie


4: A black man dies alone, cursed to rise again as a bloodthirsty wight, only to find himself incorporated into a society of wights who reveal themselves to be just as racist in death as they were in life."  Get Out meets Interview with a Vampire


5: "A private detective is hired by a homeless shelter to investigate the mysterious murder of the shelter’s proprietor, then he discovers that the suspect is a witch and lynchpin to a conspiracy of magic and undead."   Chinatown meets Suspiria

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I vote for #3. I like the added dramatic element involving the daughter and the wife. (Do you mean his ex-wife?) Nothing is more heart-stopping for a parent than having their child threatened. I also think an abandoned farmhouse has many creepy possibilities. Good luck!

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Number 5 for me. I'm a big horror fan, but I'm trying to be objective here. 1 to 4 seems to be missing a reason, which is why I didn't vote for them. Words or phrases confused me. 1, recovering addict? 2, so basically 4 people total? Two couples? And why are they there? 3, if the farm house is foreclosed, why would anyone go there? 4, Race isn't an occupation or purpose. Why is he there in the first place, and how does he become a wight? Wights aren't commonly known, unlike vampires, so purpose and motivation is unclear to me.

Anyhoo, again, 5 is the clearest to me, and sounds like an interesting premise.

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I'd go for #3. Sounds very interesting and could easily be done on a low budget.