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A man speaks on how he did four women wrong wanting an understanding if the definition of love is true or if there's a deeper meaning being ignored?



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The story opens with ? sitting on the steps of his porch with a calm demeanor surveying the neighborhood. He takes a sip from his glass of whiskey pondering. He wonders if we're meant for one person or should we be allowed to have multiple partners? He also wonders if the definition of love is true or is there a deeper meaning we chose to ignore because we're already taught what the meaning is. He stands up making his way across the street towards a vacant lot. Entering the lot, he begins speaking on how love is like a vacant lot. You're able to fill it with whatever you want or you and your mate can build together creating a solid foundation. At this moment, he begins speaking on how he knows what love is, but he doesn't abide by the rules. Carrying on with his walk, he tells us about the four women in his life, one being his main, his main sister, her sister friend and her friend. He begins speaking on how his main is the love of his life, but she's missing something, which is why he slept with the other three.

Moving along with his walk, he observes random people having conversations with one another or walking holding hands, leading him to speak on how they have no idea about what love is, not seeing one is attempting to use the other for their own needs. Coming to a stop on the bridge, he speaks on all of the wrong he's done didn't go unpunished. Cutting to the morning, we see him hanging from the bridge murdered in a gruesome way. ? then tells us how he ended up murdered. After the tale he flips it, claiming instead of him getting murdered, he murdered the four women in the name of love. We return to the beginning of the movie, and ? tells us to decide which version is the truth, but think on the questions he asked earlier, because this is what goes on in the world as we speak.