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A. Cardenas
Cincinnati, United States

I am a writer, a novelist and a blogger.  I have been writing since 1991 and although I've been offered staff writing positions, I am compelled to tell my own stories in novel, script and blog form.

Feel free to visit my page at:   josiesallears.wordpress.com


Scripts By A.

White Coyote
A young Mexican migrating to the United States by way of the Sonoran desert hires an unscrupulous American guide, the White Coyote, to get him through on foot without getting caught, killed or lost.
Feature Drama For sale 85pp
The F.N.G.s
Two recent high school graduates and best friends, Che and Huggy, begrudgingly take jobs working as "temps" at an inner city temp agency and the offbeat world of factory work precipitates their metamorphosis into adulthood.
Feature Comedy For sale 85pp