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Brighton, United Kingdom


I'm Alex. I've been writing screenplays for more than ten years, just as a hobby. I spent several years working part-time, which afforded me the time needed to focus on developing my skills. I lean towards Fantasy, Comedy, and Science-fiction, but all of my scripts contain elements of other genres. I also really dig the Horror aesthetic. 

Broken Brains.

I've always wanted to be a storyteller. Not verbally, I'm too socially anxious for that, and not through prose. I don't think in terms of "she went there, he did that". I think in terms of "she goes there, he does that". Third person, present tense.

I'll be up front with you, I experience OCD and mania. This makes normal life difficult, but it means my brain is perfectly suited to writing screenplays, characters, and world-building.

Fantastical Worlds.

I focus on building deep, cohesive worlds to play around in with my characters. Everything connects to everything else in some way, every character has a counter-character, and every decision has reason behind it. I often write backwards, starting at the end and retroactively filling in the story. Continuity is my bitch.

My stories often involve a journey to some far-away magical realm, or alien planet. I'm a Christian, but I've been lots of other things in the past including an Atheist and a Satanist. I like to think this shows through in my work, as I approach subjects from multiple points of view.

My Work.

My projects range from mid-budget to high-budget movies and television shows, most of which are available on my website. My first project was a science-fiction story called Deep Black Sky. This went through many different iterations over a number of years, until eventually it became a sitcom script called Cargo.

I've also written an epic fantasy-comedy feature called Dungeon Delvers that tells the story of an office worker with a vivid imagination, who plays a hebdomadal role playing game with his friends and often drifts into his own imagination, seeing events in the real world as though he was in the game world.

My current project is a fantasy-drama called Non Compos Mentis. Pilot script is available below!


The best way to contact me is by email, or through this website! My phone rarely has signal at work, so if you call me I probably won't find out about it until two weeks later when I get a notification from my abysmal voicemail service.

Scripts By A. D.

Non Compos Mentis - Pilot
A demon-hunting priest must venture across the underworld and seek the lost relics of Christ -- in order to resurrect his forbidden lover.
TV Pilot Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery For sale 46pp
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