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A. S. Templeton
  • Writing seriously and seriously writing for a while now.
  • Aiming squarely for mainstream publication and production.
  • Member, NWSG, SCBWI, PNWA.
  • Know the difference between “should” and “ought to.”
  • Workin’ hard to Skin the Cat and gently ease the clichéd Hero’s Journey over the nearest cliff.

Scripts By A. S.

The Mâr Chronicles
A mythical creature born and raised in America’s heartland finds herself at the crossroads of ordinary and extraordinary as she struggles to reconcile her human nurture with her nonhuman nature... all while saving Earth. Twice.
TV Pilot Adventure, Drama, Family, Sci-Fi Seeking finance 65pp
Virtual Magick
Lured into what they think is a virtual reality game, girl-boy twins find themselves trapped in a fantasy microcosm, pursued by a vengeful presence from their ancestral past.
Feature Adventure, Drama, Family, Fantasy Seeking finance 120pp
Thingamajigs — An American Fairy Tale
As an act of proxy revenge, a little girl is given a book filled with unexpectedly vivid illustrations.
Short Animation, Drama, Family, Fantasy Seeking finance 20pp