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A. S. Templeton
  • Writing seriously and seriously writing for a while now.
  • Aiming squarely for mainstream publication and production.
  • Member, NWSG, SCBWI, PNWA.
  • Knows the difference between “should” and “ought to.”
  • Workin’ hard to Skin the Cat and gently ease the androcentric and obsolescent Hero’s Journey over the nearest cliff.

Scripts By A. S.

Virtual Magick
Lured into what they think is a VR game, girl-boy twins and their combat-veteran mother find themselves trapped in a fantasy microcosm, fighting for their lives to defeat a sinister menace to the real world.
Feature Adventure, Drama, Family, Fantasy Example of work only 37pp
The Mâr Chronicles
A mythical creature raised as human must team up with a delusional federal agent and a motley crew of sapient species in order to save Earth from space alien invasion.
TV Pilot Adventure, Drama, Family, Sci-Fi Seeking finance 31pp
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Thingamajigs - An American Fairy Tale
As an act of proxy revenge, a little girl is given a book filled with unexpectedly vivid illustrations.
Short Animation, Drama, Family, Fantasy Seeking finance 14pp