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A Wayne Moore
New York City, United States

I've worked in TV and film production for many years, and realized how much I enjoy writing and storytelling. Now, I write as much as my time allows. I'm currently finishing(re-writing/editing) a few projects.  A short; Who Are You? 1/2 hour comedy pilot; Men in Transition (MIT) A 1 hour series thriller pilot; The Diggers Brothers and a Romantic comedy feature;  Dog Eat Dawg.  They're still very much works in progress. I've read a few very good scripts on the site so far.  I'm excited to be a part of the Script Revolution community and look forward to sharing my stories with you... 


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Scripts By A Wayne

Dog Eat Dawg
A young entrepreneur meets the woman of his dreams. After dating for months he discovers she has a "dog” who possesses human-like intelligence and diabolically plots to sabotage their relationship.
Feature Comedy For sale 115pp
The Digger Brothers
Three brother who seek reparations in the form of revenge on the descendants of former slave owning families for the atrocities committed against their ancestors.
TV Pilot Action, Thriller For sale 58pp
Who Are You?
Two sisters agree to put there differences aside and learn to cooperate in an effort to care for their aging sick father.
Short Drama, Family For sale 22pp
Men In Transition (MIT)
A recently divorced forty-year old and father of two meets a self proclaimed relationship guru who claims to have the cure for his post divorce trauma.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 30pp