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Aayush Juyal
New Delhi, India

I find the concept of scriptwriting relaxing since it's basically where I am able to make my imagination come to reality. I feel passionate about entertainment since it makes me feel creative in no other way. Most of my genres for scriptwriting are horror or thriller since this is the genre I feel where I can explore the most in terms of the plot. 
I would love for anyone to read my scripts and give me feedback. 

Scripts By Aayush

Log Out
A Facebook user receives a message from an unknown profile only to reveal something that wasn't meant to be revealed.
Short Horror, Mystery Available for Free 11pp
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What's your name?
A confident gal tries to escape from a sinister presence in her home and in doing so she learns the disappearance of her existence.
Short Horror, Thriller Available for Free 19pp
A young woman's car gets broken down while going to her friend's house and she starts walking on foot until stumbling upon an old house where she encounters a sinister experience.
Short Horror, Thriller Available for Free 16pp