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Abdallah Saleh
Upland, United States

Aspiring filmmaker. Grew up and spent most of his life in Southern California. Optioned his first screenplay in 2021. Traveled the world but no matter how far he goes, at the end of the day he just wants to write.

Scripts By Abdallah

Dungeon Tales
An epic fantasy tale: The royal family returns home from the 'Great War' to host a feast for the ages. Reunions are often complicated, though.
TV Pilot Fantasy For sale 114pp
A Lion's Keep
Set in France during the 'Hundred Years' War', a group of maniacal Englishmen attempt the greatest heist in French history.
Feature Thriller For sale 300pp
We The People
During the summer of 1787, the founding fathers gather in Philadelphia to discuss the future of a nation in turmoil in what will come to be known as the Constitutional Convention.
Feature History For sale 165pp