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Abdelaali Idrissou

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Abdelaali Idrissou
Bejaïa, Algeria

I am a writer born and living in Algeria. I started writing stories at the age of four, In 2016, I published a novel online in Paris and during the same year I started writing scripts, I had always had critics such as "Your stories look like plays" but did not consider it earlier. I studied online the Hollywood standards and I read nearly all the scripts of movies I like - and sometimes those I don't. I had started with shorts, and then I continued with features. Since then I gained the ability to analyze a movie's story as I watch. As a matter of fact, I graduated from high school in a Math major class.

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Scripts By Abdelaali

The Soar
A young Engineer gets to the edge of a corrupt organization that kidnaps him for work.
Feature Action For sale 96pp